Goodbye to Jason Jones

Discussion in 'World Events' started by atlantic, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. hugo

    hugo Big Time BS'er

    Paul McCartney he ain't.
  2. atlantic

    atlantic Big Time BS

    I don't know if I'd call it privacy to be honest. Why keep posting then to draw attention to yourselves. What's the big secret? Why delete Feckless off? I am totally done with this though. If Jason passed he knows some of us have prayed for him and that's all he needs to know.
  3. outlaw2747

    outlaw2747 Member

    He's alive and well guys. He comments on my posts all the time as well as his wife Erica. Though he has not been online recently. I would say for the past couple of weeks or so.
  4. atlantic

    atlantic Big Time BS

    I figured that out after all the threats, and viruses that my computer recd all week after this post. Whatever, I have come to the conclusion that all men named Jason are lying Assholes!!!!!
  5. atlantic

    atlantic Big Time BS

    I still love you Jason!
  6. *Chi*

    *Chi* Guest

    why? Some people are masochists and don't mind being wronged, time and time again.....
  7. emkay64

    emkay64 Big Time BS

    I think Atlantic got a few more viruses and is sucking up :p
  8. eddo

    eddo I don't like you.

    someone got a new shipment of her bipolar meds...
  9. atlantic

    atlantic Big Time BS

    He's my Jason, and no matter what he does, I wish him the best.
  10. *Chi*

    *Chi* Guest

    *gag* That's how doormats, victims and enablers are made.
  11. atlantic

    atlantic Big Time BS

    I really just don't care, I'm too happy right now. Moving back to Boston, so so HAPPY!!!!!
  12. snafu

    snafu Big Time BS'er

    I'm really happy for you![​IMG]
  13. atlantic

    atlantic Big Time BS

    Thank you CB, I have been waiting for this for a long time :D
  14. Builder

    Builder Member

    Hmmm, I remember that night. I was banning his new accounts every fifty seconds. Kept me hopping. If you look in the psych dictionary under chronic attention seeking behaviour, sixes pic is there.

    Closed the site for hours. fukka.
  15. sixes

    sixes New Member

    I don't think Jason is dead. I think he just feels some people would act the same, no matter if he was alive or not. Of course that is just my feelings. lol

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