White Voters Bailing as Trump Tropes Continue

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    Donald Trump is losing support from a demographic that was key to him winning the 2016 election — white voters. In the last election, Trump won Minnesota whites by 7 percentage points and he’s now losing them by 2 points. In Wisconsin in 2016, Trump won uneducated white women by 16 points and now he’s losing them by 9 points. In Pennsylvania, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are currently tied among white voters after Trump won the white vote in Pennsylvania last time. These are all major swings in Joe Biden’s favor and massive blows to the Trump campaign.

    These findings are major news because Trump is already not in the win column for many demographics. Educated voters, black voters, Hispanic voters, Asian voters, and many other groups are decisively in the Biden camp. Trump needs white support in order to win the election and it’s not clear he’s going to get it. He will continue to try to win over white voters by fearmongering about the suburbs getting “overrun” by minorities but the tactic doesn’t seem to be working.

    Trump: Jews "Only In It for Themselves"
    According to a report from the Washington Post, Donald Trump said Jews "are only in it for themselves" and "stick together" after a call with Jewish lawmakers. The President made the comments in front of senior members of his staff and the allegation is widely sourced, with more than twenty people talking about what they observed. During a conference call last week with American Jews, the President said “we love your country,” referring to Israel, which is strange since they’re Americans and may not have had any connection to Israel.

    The idea that American Jews hold a higher loyalty to Israel is a common trope Trump is comfortable perpetuating. He also routinely uses other anti-Semitic tropes, like the one about Jews being obsessed with money. The only question for me is, is anyone surprised at all by these allegations? Donald Trump’s views on just about any racial issue or religious issue are in line with the predominant stereotypes. These comments are perfectly consistent with his character and Trump having close relationships with a few Jewish people or moving the US-Israeli embassy to Jerusalem doesn’t change that.


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