Which crime type is the biggest threat?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CoinBlazer, Nov 11, 2019.

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    The two types of "gangs" within this country is what I will call violent crime and organized white collar.

    Crime Syndicates such as the less prevalent however still a threat, American Mafia, primarily control seize and influence businesses, construction, labor unions, uses racketeering. Their goal is money and influence.

    The other type is more local, disorganized, violent crime gangs, the crips, and bloods. Primarily committed to murder, robbery and physical control more than any sort of intellectual crime.

    Which one do you find to be more of a threat?
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    Violent crime because it has no target. These animals earn their rank in their respective gangs through untargeted violent crime. It could be anybody. The victims are chosen at random. Typically the easier, the better. I have no heart whatsoever for these animals. They all need to be strung up and put on display.
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    Violent crime destroys lives, neighbors, cities and even nations. Mopar Dude's example of his granddaughter is a personal example. My wife has been advised not go the zoo in Baltimore. The riots in Baltimore have badly hurt the convention and Inner Harbor areas which the city worked so hard to develop. The drug cartels control large parts of Mexico. Even the resort areas on the Mexican Gulf Coast have been affected.

    I mugged in Newark, New Jersey when I was going to night school there. The students formed "wolf packs" when they left class to catch the train home.

    Criminals steal from everyone in the neighborhood, not just their victims.
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