Two Ukrainian business men arrested for campaign contribution violations

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnHamilton, Oct 11, 2019.

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    One of the big stories yesterday was that two men were arrested yesterday before they could take “one way” trips back to the Ukraine. Their indictment was for illegal campaign donations in 2016. The lame stream press was especially intrigued with the idea that Ruddy Giuliani might get caught up in this.

    I did a search on Geoff Berman, the U.S. Attorney who brought these indictments. He is the Executive Director of the New York State Democratic Committee. It is disturbing that those who have major roles in law enforcement also have major roles in a political party. I do not think that a federal prosecutor should be tied to a political party in this manner.

    This does not pass “the smell test” for me. We are on the road to making this country into a police state. The Democrats are out of control, and if the voters don’t wake up and vote these people out office, our democratic form of government will soon be finished.
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    hmmm... I can agree but being the director of NYDNC is like an after work activity, Can the Justice System have any say what he does in his "free time" outside of being a U.S Attorney?
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    In the past it did. There used to be limits on political activity by government employees. Back in 1971, when got my undergraduate degree, one of the jobs I considered was with the Federal Highway Administration. The man who interviewed me said that I might not be allowed to work for political candidates if I accepted the job.

    I got a better offer from the private sector, which provided with better work experience in the long run.

    My point is that I don't care for law enforcement personnel getting involved with cases that have political overtones. This gets back to the FBI agents sticking their nose into the presidential race. I had been a Democrat, I would have been really angry at the way James Comey talked about the Hillary Clinton investigation during the presidential campaign. I think that he overstepped his bounds when he did that. As it turned out, he was more interested in pushing the Democratic cause, but who knew that?

    I am very concerned about people with police power getting actively involved in elections.
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