Trump campaign lied about paying actors to cheer for his POTUS announcement

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Jul 24, 2021.

  1. JoeNation

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    I know none of us is surprised. Lying is all Trump ever did. They denied MSNBC's story at the time calling it fake news of course. Turns out all you have to do to convince a Trump supporter that you are not lying is to call the truth fake news. How easy is that?

  2. Recusant

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    There may be some who are not surprised that the Fake News is telling more lies about Dear Leader. :mad:
  3. JoeNation

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    Hey! Crisis actors!

    Former Trump aide says campaign paid actors to appear at his 2016 presidential announcement

    Donald Trump's top 2016 aide previously denied the campaign had paid actors to appear at the future president's big campaign-launch announcement at Trump Tower, but that same official recently told Insider that people were indeed hired to show up.

    Trump kicked off his candidacy at his New York City skyscraper in a speech on June 16, 2015, appearing before a large crowd of what seemed to be his supporters. The event immediately prompted speculation about how Trump managed to draw a sizable group of people.

    "I remember thinking, 'Man, I'm surprised he couldn't even get people there. That seems insane,'" Sarah Isgur, the deputy campaign manager for 2016 presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, told Insider as part of an oral history project chronicling one of the most unorthodox GOP primaries the country has ever seen.
  4. FryDaddyJr

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    remember how butthurt trump got when people called him on his lies about crowd size?
  5. Profiler

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    Interesting. A devout leftist pundit, losing ratings, doubles down. We’ve had 5+ years of Trump Derangement Syndrome from the leftist media (and those that repeat them) and now they can claim proof of paying someone to attend a Trump event?
  6. JoeNation

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    You threw a lot at the wall there. Care to parse it out for the rest of us?
  7. FryDaddyJr

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    "Biden derangement syndrome"


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