The Republicans' Love of the Constitution

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    ... Only goes as far as when they think it's to their advantage. Other than that it means fuck-all to them. For years I saw Republicans yapping about how 'Emperor Obama' was going to cancel the next election in a power grab, assuring that he'd be able to stay in office. Turns out that was just them projecting their own inner desires: "That's what we'd do if given the chance." Fucking clueless authoritarian shitbirds.

    'Poll: Half of Republicans would back postponing 2020 election if Trump proposed it'

    "Slightly more than half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 presidential election if President Trump proposed it to make sure only eligible American citizens can vote, according to a new survey.

    "According to a poll conducted by two academic authors and published by The Washington Post, 52 percent of Republicans said they would back a postponement of the next election if Trump called for it.

    "If Trump and congressional Republicans proposed postponing the election to ensure only eligible citizens could vote, support from Republicans rises to 56 percent.

    "Pollsters found 47 percent of Republicans think Trump won the popular vote.

    "A majority of Republicans, 68 percent, also thinks millions of illegal immigrants voted in the presidential election and 73 percent think voter fraud happens somewhat or very often."

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    Another example of us being able to tell what they are guilty of by what they accuse others of doing.

    When trump was campaigning, and still today, whenever he accuses somebody of something, be it the "lying press" or Clinton deserving to be locked up, the first thought that comes to mind is 'hypocrite', but it goes much more deeper than that, he is projecting his own guilt.

    A similar common trait I've noted is that when cornered, when there is proof of a republican doing wrong, that person's supporters accuse others of the same thing. One example of that is that over the last year, trump has been accused of colluding with Russians. At first, the republican response was pure denial and demands that people stop accusing trump of it, but as more and more evidence was produced, trump and his surrogates began accusing Clinton of that very charge.

    Both of these traits are common among republicans and reveal their tactics for deflecting attention away from themselves when they are accused of wrongdoing. Both show that you can tell what they are guilty of by what they accuse others of doing.
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

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