The Evangelical Cult in this Country

Discussion in 'Religion' started by JoeNation, Dec 12, 2020.

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    Well Joe... You put it out there and yes I listened to the entire piece. The fellow is quite articulate and obviously well educated. In fact, I rather enjoyed listening to him. I make no bones about the fact that I am a Christian. I also make no bones about having little use for these high toned, well funded TV preachers. However, this was a piece that by design had no purpose other than to make practicing Christians appear to be right wing fools. Well, we all aren't. I found it to be interesting that the high toned minister below was glaringly omitted from this clip.

    So, what is the underlying purpose of this fellows message? To paint us all as mad shouting loonies out for blood? Probably, however the closing monologue probably sheds more light on the intended message. Why doesn't an omnipotent God sweep the anointed Trump to victory? The same reason he didn't bring his son down from the cross. The same reason children and good people often die far too young. Yes, I do believe that God has a plan for all things. But just as we do for our own children, we are often left to mop up our own messes. Otherwise we are doomed to repeat our err.

    Look, this nation is set upon a new course and I will support it just as I have supported every leader before this one. I will waive my flag and I will choose to be happy. But I won't stand for being painted as a lunatic because I am a Christian or an uneducated southern boy. I will choose to believe good things about people. Even those people that choose to denigrate me. I will love my wife and kids. I will help my employees to find success both personally and financially. I will choose to help youngsters on the ballfield and otherwise as long as my old body will allow. In other words, I choose to live my life outside of myself. I just wonder how many liberals can say the same?

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    I wonder why you'd even have to ask, and I wonder why you posted that picture of President Obama?
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    Answer #1...... You won’t comprehend this. Liberal minded folks tend to fail to reason a problem through to its conclusion. They tend to opt for the solution that makes them feel good. That is inward thinking and compounds problems.

    Answer #2..... The initial post is a commentary on over reaching ministers. I was merely pointing out that Jeremiah Wright was glaringly omitted from the parade of ministers offered in the narrators clip.

    Now, go ahead and revert to your routine childish personal attacks..... Or how about surprise me and offer a reasoned response.
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    Why don't you like Jeremiah Wright? Did the fox news soundbites get to you?
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    No sir. I have little time for TV. Sorry, you can’t get me with that little low blow...... Did you bother to watch the video? The Reverend Wright is no less boisterous than any of the ministers paraded in the video. I simply find it to be a gross omission..... Look, I know it’s a bit deep for you... It’s just another show of liberal hypocrisy is all. It’s fine to make fun of loud mouthed conservative ministers, but we overlook our loud mouthed liberal ministers. The hypocrisy on full display yet again. And all you guys can do is spout off childish personal jabs. I’m done playing here. Happy New Year.
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    I don't accept that Jeremiah Wright is anything like them.

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