The Democrat’s Big Decision on Choosing a VP Candidate.

Discussion in 'Chatter' started by JohnHamilton, Jun 19, 2020.

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    If the polls are accurate and don’t change, it looks like Democrats have the 2020 election in the bag. If that’s true, they should be thinking long and hard about the VP pick because there is a 99.9% chance that person will be President.

    Things could change, of course. Jimmy Carter was ahead of Ronald Reagan at this point in 1980, but Reagan was the challenger.

    Biden is a tired old man with a failing mind. There is no way that he will be in office for four years unless we are ready to accept a president in a vegetative state.

    The Democrats had a similar dilemma in 1944. Those who were close to Franklin D. Roosevelt knew that he would not last for four more years. He had terminal cardiovascular disease. His doctors knew it, but they were not going to make it public.

    Roosevelt & Wallace.jpg

    The vice president was Henry Wallace. Wallace had been the secretary of agriculture. When John Nance Garner left the administration after serving as vice president for two terms, Wallace got the nod.

    Wallace was an extreme liberal, perhaps a socialist. He was also very arrogant and had a huge ego as he would prove when he ran a third party effort to unset Truman in 1948. He thought that he was entitled to FDR's political legacy.

    Wallace - FDR.jpg

    He had totally naïve view of the Soviet Union. At one people he compared them to the “young Christians.” He couldn’t see the threat to Joseph Stalin posed.

    There was little chance that FDR would lose in 1944 despite the fact that he was running for an unprecedented fourth term. The man had lock on the presidency for as long as he wanted it.

    At first FDR stood firm and said he wanted Wallace, but after a while he saw that many Democrats met business. Wallace had to go. Fortunately, his replacement was Harry Truman.

    Roosevelt & Truman.jpg
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    Biden is much healthier than Trump. There is only three years difference in their ages. I don't see a lot of difference in electing one over the other based on age. Half dozen of one, six of another.

    Trump's diet is famously bad. He is obese. He doesn't exercise. He rides carts and takes elevators and escalators everywhere he goes. He lies about his health to the point of making up doctor evaluations. He could go in a heart attack at any moment.

    Biden is slightly older. He is fit and trim. He isn't known for avoiding physical excision they way Trump is. He famously eats well and avoids most fast food. In short, I predict Biden will outlive Trump easily.

    I do hope that Biden's VP pick is someone young and energetic if for no other reason, to carry on the momentum of the Democratic victories well into the future. Biden has already said that he only intends to serve one term. Smart.
  3. FryDaddyJr

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    Trump has had a stroke or has Parkinson's. Also mentally unwell.

    As for Biden's VP, it's going to be Warren possibly? Klobucher is out. She would have been good for the midwest
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    I've also seen Kamala Harris, Susan Rice, and Tammy Duckworth tossed out as contenders recently.

    Based on political stances, I'm leaning to prefer Warren and Duckworth. Rice could be okay, but having never held elected office could be a hindrance. I actually think it would be foolish to pick Harris, given the current political climate on police.
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    I guess you really are a medical doctor and can make diagnoses by watching TV. Did you get your medical degree from watching “Quincy?”

    Who knew? Instead spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and 12 years of your life to become doctor, all you need do is sit on the couch and veg. All the knowledge just flies into your head.
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    Yes I really like Duckworth. She's a disabled vet (as opposed to Private bone spurs) great on the issues and of a course a woman.
  7. FryDaddyJr

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    Why did Trump dash off to th Walter Reed for 36 hours?

    Trump has tremors, is favoring one side and has slurred and confused speech

    Trump is not well

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    They don't call Trump BLOUTUS for nothing.

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    Is the irony of you calling Biden a "tired old man with a failing mind" to open this thread lost on you?
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    In over a year’s time I haven’t seen your avatar move . . . Not even once . . . You must be brain dead.
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    You keep running your mouth about how Trump is going to decline the debates. That’s funny. The last time a presidential candidate declined to debate for entire campaign season was in 1972 when Nixon refused to debate McGovern. Nixon was way ahead and didn’t want to risk it.

    Trump is behind in the polls, and Biden is mentally impaired. There is no way that Trump will decline to debate.
  15. GeneWright

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    Still waiting on your quote/article about the Biden campaign wanting to call off the debates...

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