So, what is your spin on this mini blue wave yesterday.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. JoeNation

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    Is it an omen of things to come in 2020 or just a blip in the back and forth swing from right to left? Let us hear your unfiltered, unbiased, opinion. He laughs. :D
  2. CoinBlazer

    CoinBlazer de omnibus dubitandum

    "The Democratic victories around the country point to surging interest by liberal voters heading into the 2020 presidential election. That could be especially significant in Pennsylvania, which Trump won in 2016 — along with its 20 Electoral College votes — partly due to a dip in Democratic enthusiasm in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh."
  3. Mopar Dude

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    My opinion and prediction for the next cycle ahead..... The Republican wave has crested and the Democratic Party has successfully sold their utopian vision to young folks getting their lives underway. I believe Mr. Trump will be defeated. As a result health care will further be tampered with and costs will continue to rise. The burden will be placed on business in the form of more taxation. Government oversight will run rampant putting a screeching halt to the economy. Business will tighten its belts. Paychecks will get smaller and layoffs will be in the daily news as will $5.00 a gallon gas. In short order all these young, utopian Democrats will suddenly become conservative and in five years we will see a Republican wave rise again.
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  4. CoinBlazer

    CoinBlazer de omnibus dubitandum

    If we can maintain structure order and stability for 5 years of democratic policy
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  5. JoeNation

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    I have a slightly different vision. The Democrats will gain power again but only because Trump has so messed up the economy with his easy to win trade wars, that the economy will collapse long before the election next November. The Democrats will be in the same position they were in when Obama got elected. An economy collapsing, massive bailouts for banks and manufacturing, and a financial stimulus package that will drive up the national debit to new heights. Many small businesses will go under as a result and those people that refuse to see the previous 4 years of economic mismanagement by the Trump Administration will blame Democrats for their plight out of ignorance. It's the Bush scenario all over again. What George Bush did in 8 years, Trump will do in 4. Again, the Democrats will be left picking up the pieces. This is getting old.
  6. JohnHamilton

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    Dream on Joe ... for a “brilliant guy,” you don’t have much imagination.

    The Democrats might well oust Trump because they have a significant advantage in the Electoral College because California, New York, Illinois, the northeast and all of New England, except maybe New Hampshire, gives them a huge advantage. The drip, drip, drip of negative news from the phony impeachment hoax will influence low information voters who don’t follow the issues. An acquittal vote in the Senate will only add to their prospects.

    Many voters are like the secretary in my boss’s office after the 1980 election. She always wanted to vote Democrat, because “The Democrats look out for us.” She voted for Reagan because “Carter was so bad.” If the Democrats nominate “a moderate, “ if there is such a thing in their party, they will win.
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  7. Mopar Dude

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    Is she one of those that thought Obamacare translated to free healthcare? This is always the rub with me and Democratic candidates. They phrase things in such a way that they make the uninformed truly believe that they can have something for nothing. It is the grand Utopia that can never exist because absolutely nothing is free once you leave mommy’s house. Yet candidate upon candidate will frame it that way.... The low information voters that will decide the coming election will soak it all up. And in a few short years when all these false promises become additional expenses, all those promises will be forgotten. It just astounds me. I saw it with Obama and here I am seeing it all over again. I truly just don’t get it.
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