Simply Put...Trump is a Dumb Ass.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Just days ago Trump boasted about his “great and unmatched wisdom” over the decision.


    Trump defends his Syria pullout against Republican criticism

    By Steve Holland
    Reuters October 9, 2019

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday defended himself against fierce criticism from fellow Republicans over his decision to clear U.S. troops out of northern Syria, which has allowed Turkey to attack America's Kurdish allies unimpeded.

    As Turkey launched its attack on Kurdish militia positions on Wednesday, Trump aligned himself with anti-war voices in the Republican Party like Senator Rand Paul.

    "This morning, Turkey, a NATO member, invaded Syria. The United States does not endorse this attack and has made it clear to Turkey that this operation is a bad idea," Trump said in a statement.

    He added: "There are no American soldiers in the area. From the first day I entered the political arena, I made it clear that I did not want to fight these endless, senseless wars —especially those that don’t benefit the United States."

    Trump has enraged many Republicans and Democrats with his abrupt decision on Sunday to redeploy 50 U.S. troops from northern Syria after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told him a long-planned assault against the Kurds would start soon.

    U.S. Representative Liz Cheney, a national security hawk and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, said in a statement that Trump's decision would have "sickening and predictable consequences."

    "The U.S. is abandoning our ally the Kurds, who fought ISIS on the ground and helped protect the U.S. homeland. This decision aids America’s adversaries, Russia, Iran, and Turkey, and paves the way for a resurgence of ISIS. This action imperils American security and that of our allies. Congress must and will act to limit the catastrophic impact of this decision," she said.

    Trump cast his decision as in line with his long-held belief that the United States cannot be the world's policeman and must bring some troops home.

    But it comes as he needs as much Republican support as possible to fight an impeachment inquiry launched by Democrats who control the U.S. House of Representatives based on his attempt to get Ukraine to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden.
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    Assuming this is a true statement made by the president and not some doctored up meme picture, then yes I do agree that a comment of that nature is below the standards of the office.
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    No country will ever trust us again. Trump is throwing away decades of American leadership and trust so that he can divert attention away from the impeachment he is going to face anyway. How many innocent women and child have to die for this asshole. I couldn't care less what this moron tweets or what he thinks about himself, the damage he is doing to this country will last generations.
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    I still support him but I can agree his ego is out of wack.
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    "The U.S. is abandoning our ally the Kurds, who fought ISIS on the ground and helped protect the U.S. homeland. This decision aids America’s adversaries, Russia, Iran, and Turkey"
    I do want to note that turkey at this point is not an adversary, we have military bases in Turkey that we use as a launch pad into the middle east.
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    It funny how politics makes one take a different position. Had Obama done this, I am sure that Joe would have been supportive or would have kept quiet. Obama pulled out of Iraq and got much the same reaction.

    I torn on this issue. These wars are protracted and never ending. The groups in this region have fought and hated each other for centuries. Our interests here are to protect our country from attack. Bringing peace to this region is politically impossible. Religion is involved, and on that issue in the Middle East, most people are not rational.

    Trump is taking a calculated risk that Turkey will control ISIS and not liquidate the Kurds. He might very well be wrong, but the thrust is we can’t keep getting involved in wars all over the war that don’t have a huge impact on our national security. This gets back to the same arguments that were used in the Vietnam era.

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