Righting Past Injustices, or Something

Discussion in 'Politics' started by L'Emmerdeur, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. L'Emmerdeur

    L'Emmerdeur Upright Member

    Il Douche has pardoned the ratfink Scooter Libby, which I expect will be welcome news to his sycophants and also those who are facing charges in the ongoing investigation of his administration.

    'Trump Is Pardoning Scooter Libby'

  2. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    trump says he's the "law and order" guy, the defender of all that is righteous and just. He is, it's just for himself though. trump also says to ignore the "fake" Russia investigation and focus on those illegal leaks, yet he pardons a man involved in the outing of an undercover CIA agent. The poor little fella is getting worried that his bloated egotistical ways aren't enough to scare everyone into doing things for him. His rights to do whatever he wants irregardless of law are being challenged, and that's upsetting him greatly. Sad.
  3. L'Emmerdeur

    L'Emmerdeur Upright Member

    "Law and order" in President Bogus's world is nothing more than graft and favoritism for wealthy Republicans. Screw the rest of humanity, including the fools who voted for him.

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