Republican senator [David Purdue- GA] deletes ad that made Jewish opponent's nose bigger

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    It keeps getting harder and harder to not draw parallels to Nazi Fascists. Did somebody break your dog whistle or something? Will you be recycling old pro Hitler Posters or are you planning on creating your own? How is the SS doing in Portland, OR? Are you really going to go full Nazi Germany and ally with the Russians again? What next? Renaming the Air Force the Luftwaffe? Concentration camps for immigrants...CHECK! Militarization of the government against it's own people...CHECK! Corrupting elections...CHECK!



    Sen. David Perdue of Georgia deleted a Facebook ad targeting his Jewish election opponent, Jon Ossoff, that appeared to have been altered to make Ossoff’s nose bigger.

    The ad called for donations to Perdue, a Republican, by claiming that “Democrats are trying to buy Georgia.” It uses black-and-white photos of Ossoff and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is also Jewish, that have been Photoshopped to appear as if they were pulled from an old television set with poor reception.

    But the Ossoff image, which was adapted from a 2017 Reuters photo of him, was also changed by having his nose lengthened and widened, even as other parts of his face stayed the same size and proportions, three graphic design experts told the Forward.

    Ossoff’s nose is “the primary difference where the altered version is larger than the original,” said Maurice Meilleur, an assistant professor of graphic design at Iowa State University. Two professional graphic designers consulted by the Forward concurred with this assessment.

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