Reducing our presence in the Middle East, a really thorny problem.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnHamilton, Oct 23, 2019.

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    Of all the things Trump has done, pulling out of Syria and leaving our Kurdish allies has been the most controversial to those who support him.

    The issue really comes down to a couple of questions. (1) What are our objectives? (2) How long should we expect to have a major presence in the area?

    If your answer is “forever,” you need to re-think your position. We are hemorrhaging money; our young men and women are dying there; and we getting little in return.

    When you cut it down to the only legitimate objective, we have ONE. Protect this country from another attack like the one on 9/11. Everything else is probably unachievable

    Some would argue we need to fight for the people of the Middle East to get democracies. That is not possible because it is not in their culture to support sustainable republican governments. There are too many tribes, too much intra- and inter- religious strife and too much hatred for that to work. So that leaves us with the alternative. Find ways to get out, and avoid getting attacked again.

    Trump is trying to do that. His hope that the parties will come to settlements where the factions will learn to live with each other if not like each other. Opposite ends of the political spectrum agree with this. We have Rand Paul on the libertarian right and most of the radical Democrats. The Democrats would be applauding this move if Barack Obama had done it. Since Trump did it, they oppose it.

    There are no easy answers here, but we have spent enough lives and money on the nation building experiment. It has failed. We need to find alternatives with less United States involvement.
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    Mainstream media claims we are leaving our allies to die. They arent our allies. The Kurds were in it for the land that they hoped to recover from the reign of Saddam Huessein and they didn't give a damn except using us for protection that they don't deserve.

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