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    Ratzilla, the 16-Inch "Rat From Hell," Finally Captured in Sweden

    Taylor Berman

    Ratzilla, the big ass rat that terrorized a Swedish family for weeks, is finally dead.
    Erik Korsas and his family first realized they had a problem when their pet cat refused to enter their kitchen. "We thought it could be a little mouse, but after a while we figured it couldn't be because it was making too much noise," Korsas' wife, Signe Bengtsson, told The Local.
    Several days later she spotted a giant rat eating from her garbage can.
    "It was right there in our rubbish bin, a mighty monster. I was petrified. I couldn't believe such a big rat could exist," she said. "I couldn't help but do the old classic and jump on the kitchen table and scream."
    She called her husband, who was away on a business trip. "When my wife called I said 'Yeah, sure, take it easy, I'll be home on Sunday. But by then it had jumped into the waste bin and had a Swedish smörgåsbord with all the leftovers," he said.
    For days, the family lived in horror, stomping loudly when they entered the kitchen to scare the hell rodent away.
    "By the time I got home, the rat was so domesticated that it just sat under the kitchen table," Korsas said.
    Finally, Korsas called exterminators, who set a a trap. Eventually, the rat became trapped by its neck, but it refused to die right away; instead, it crawled behind the dishwasher, where it finally expired some time later.
    Korsas measured its body at 39 cm, or nearly 16 inches, not including the tail. He believes it reached the kitchen by gnawing through the wood and cement floor.
    "It was quite a shocking experience," Bengtsson said in summary. "No one wanted to go into the kitchen after, and the cat was terrified for a week. The pest controllers said they'd never seen such a big rat before."

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    I hear those cook up just like sucking pig. Trick is to feed em up on corn for a few weeks before you trap em. Just ask our southern friends :)
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    Rats and grits.. Not just for breakfast anymore.
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    Reminds me of a short Stephen King story.

    Night Shift.
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    Did they bother to contact Guinness?
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    Nah the rat did not like the taste :)
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