Photoshopping and Alternate Facts

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Recusant, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Recusant

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    Is it acceptable to heavily alter images in political advertisements? When a political campaign engages in this tactic does it give any indication about the nature of that campaign?

    It seems very likely to me that if the Biden campaign were altering images of the president in its campaign ads, it would be roundly condemned by Trump supporters.

    The source below is acknowledged to favor a conservative point of view, for those who can't abide "leftist media."

    "Trump campaign uses altered photos of Biden in new ad" | The Hill

  2. GeneWright

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    I'm conflicted on this one. Perhaps I'm too young or cynical, but it has seemed my entire life political ads have alerted sound and visuals to convey a message. Where this crosses the line is cases like David Perdue in Georgia, who recently had to take down an ad featuring his opponent (a Jewish man) with a digitally enlarged nose.

    As for the ad in question in the OP, I would say taking a picture of Biden praying and mis-characterizing it is pretty tasteless, but that's where I most see it cross the line.

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