Perhaps This Is The Lesson Of Biden

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mopar Dude, Jan 16, 2022.

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    Some of the most wasted oxygen on this planet occurs when mega Hollywood and rock & roll types blather on about what all the rest of us should be doing and thinking. These people lead such sheltered lives that they truly don’t understand what it means to budget finances with ever increasing food and fuel costs. They don’t have a clue and as such, need to just shut up offering their useless opines.

    We shelter and enshrine our President. The office is the closest thing we have to royalty. He should be protected. However, how could one man continue down a path that is so destructive to all us regular folks without a remote clue that a course correction is in order? It is high time that we the people rethink this. Career politicians are a scourge to freedom and Liberty. Too much time surrounded by opulence and yes men have a way of tainting a persons thinking and I believe it has tainted Joe’s thinking in a dangerous way.
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    I agree with your point about many of these celebrities offering foolish and useless opinions. However, they do have a right to speak their minds. What bothers me is all the lemmings that give those opinions credence. The media is partly to blame but so are the masses that can't distinguish reality from the looney land.

    As far as Joe, it looks like he is too far gone to understand what is happening. He just follows the orders handed down from his party. The leftists are rejoicing though as their policies are meant to cause pain. They want the majority to struggle; that way the people can be forced into compliance from their "benevolent" overlords. The worse it gets, the more power they have to rule like the autocrats they truly are (your use of royalty is apropos).
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    They have a right to speak their minds, just as we do. What they do not have a right to is a larger audience for their political speech than we have. Their outsized platforms should be limited to their particular brand of entertainment, and should not be extended to exerting influence over the political leanings of others.
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    That’s a fair addition to what I was saying.
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