People Who Order Coffee Black Are More Likely To Be Psychopaths ☕️

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  1. JoeNation

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    Damn! I only drink black coffee. That food magazine is never wrong. Now you guys have something to worry about. LOL! I guess Lucy could fill us in on those black coffee drinking types.

    People Who Order Coffee Black Are More Likely To Be Psychopaths
    Kate Bratskeir
    Posted: 10/12/2015 01:01 PM EDT

    Dating someone new? Interviewing for a job? No matter your circumstances, it may be time to start paying attention to how the people around you order their coffee.

    A just-in-time-for-Halloween study published in the journal Appetite revealed that people who like their coffee black are more likely to posses anti-social and psychopathic personality traits.

    [A moment for you to recall the people in your life who enjoy their coffee black.]

    The research, which comes from the University of Innsbruck in Austria, examined the taste preferences of about 1,000 people, finding those who preferred more bitter notes in foods like black coffee scored higher on a series personality questionnaires that assessed Machiavellianism, a term used in psychology to describe personalities that are dark, psychopathic, narcissistic and sadistic.

    Um... yikes.

    The study also notes that participants who reported a fondness for other bitter foods like radishes, celery and tonic water were also more likely to exhibit psychopathic traits.

    From the standpoint of physical health, ordering your morning cup free of milk and sugar earns two thumbs up. Coffee provides some major proven benefits as varied as increased feelings of happiness, decreased risk for some cancers, and improved brain function. Straight black coffee-drinkers are reaping the benefits without consuming added calories and fat.

    So, then, what does this all mean? Not much -- at least not yet. The study size was small and the data self-reported, a notoriously unreliable metric. Other research has found that food preference changes over time, so while a person may detest radishes (or bitter coffee) at one point in their lives, they may crave them during another. Still, the researchers hope this novel look at the connection between personality and eating behavior will lead to further study.

    But just in case, we've made you a survey to print out and bring to all future first-dates. Why waste your time, right?
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  2. rlm's cents

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    I used to drink pots of black coffee, but I have not had a cup in 30 years. I wonder what that means.
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  3. David

    David Proud Enemy of Hillary

    I drink black coffee all day, every day!
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  4. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    I stopped drinking coffee when I hit puberty. ;)
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  5. JoeNation

    JoeNation FOX Lies, GOP buys!

    I like strong dark coffee. I don't drink it, I cut it with a knife and fork.
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  6. Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones Well-Known Member

    Ha, ha, funny! Actually, I never give such studies much credibility since they often are discredited later, like the recent finding that whole milk is actually just fine to consume despite claims to the contrary going back some 4 decades.
  7. Daniel Jones

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    When it comes to coffee, tobacco, alcohol, candy etc., I am safe here. Ha, ha! I don't use such products. Bitter tasting items never appealed to me, but I am a rather dull person, so maybe there is a connection, after all. Ha, ha, ha!!!
  8. CoinOKC

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    I never drink... coffee.

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  9. LucyRay

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    French vanilla creamer for me! (Decaf though...that strong black stuff that Joe drinks makes me hyper!)

    What a peculiar 'study'..
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  10. LucyRay

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    Uh oh... I just re-read the article..celery jumped out at me. I do like that. Machiavellianism?? Sigh..
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