Pennsylvania Court Issues New Congressional Map

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    The republican party had so gerrymandered Pennsylvania that the state Supreme Court ruled that it violated the state's constitution. They gave the republican party and the governor a chance to redraw the map, but the two couldn't come to an agreement in the allotted time so the court redrew it itself.


  2. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    Here's how it used to look:


    And here's the new map:

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    The Pennsylvania Republicans are hating this, and of course the Comb-Over in Chief has to weigh in: "challenge the new 'pushed' Congressional Map, all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Your Original was correct!"

    Given that the US Supreme Court has already declined to stay the Pennsylvania court's decision, it seems unlikely that they'll do what that particular lump of ordure would like.

    A couple of good articles on the topic--

    "The Geeks Who Put a Stop to Pennsylvania’s Partisan Gerrymandering" | Wired

    "Pennsylvania’s New Map Helps Democrats. But It’s Not A Democratic Gerrymander." | FiveThirtyEight

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    Interesting analogy, but it still contains a factor that should not be used when drawing the map: It contains information about political preference.

    I propose that to be truly fair, partisan preference should not be included when drawing such maps.

    That begs the question: So what should be included?

    In my opinion, borders should be drawn to include an equal number of constituents for each district, utilizing county boundaries wherever possible.

    Another issue is with who draws the districts. Since people are naturally inclined to favor one party over another, I suggest allowing a computer program to create potential maps based on data that only includes registered voter's addresses, their geographic location on a 2 dimensional map of the state, county lines and major roadways (particularly useful to delineate boundaries in dense populations, such as in large cities). Much of that appears to be the criteria used in Mr. Pegden's analogy, so I would agree with his findings more than any particular party's plan.
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    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    Now Pennsylvania republicans want to impeach the five members of the state Supreme Court who voted to create the new Congressional map.

    Calls for impeaching judges are not rare, as there are always people who are unhappy with their verdicts. What's different today is that our political leaders are calling for it... a distinct shift from the accepted norms of the separation of powers between the legislative, executive and judicial systems.

    Yes, they are meant to check each other, but now the legislature (and governor) is attempting to grab more power. If they follow through with these calls to impeach these five justices who "checked" their power, they are declaring that the justices have no power over them, that the judicial system does not have the right to "check" them, that their power is absolute. Such an act would be a great danger to our society, would put too much power into the hands of the legislative and executive branches.

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    Republicans have shown that they really don't believe that the rule of law should apply to them. After being infiltrated by Tea Party nutcases like Jim Jordan and Louie Gohmert, they became a party that doesn't think in terms of governing, but in terms of myopic ideological purity regardless of whether it actually has any basis in the Constitution of the US.

    They simply refuse to acknowledge the reality that discussion and compromise, in which no faction gets precisely what it desires, is the way that the US was built to function. To them, Democrats are simply the enemy; nothing less than the embodiment of everything they think is wrong, and must be opposed. When you approach government with that sort of mindset, you're ready and willing to operate as a "legislative terrorist," the term used by Boehner to describe Jim Jordan.
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    The latest news is that the Supreme Court decided to stay the (republican) state's request.

    Supreme Court won't block new Pennsylvania congressional map

    03/19/2018 03:51 PM EDT
    Updated 03/19/2018 05:29 PM EDT

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    This is exactly what Obama and Holder are putting their efforts into in "retirement". Without gerrymandering, the GOP is more screwed than they are from the ethnic demographic wave they have been running from for years with all of their disenfranchising, voter suppression, and attacks on minorities and women . No wonder they have cuddled up to Nazis, Commies, and every dictator they can reach out to. That is their only path forward if they want to stay in power and their base of morons will follow them happily down that dark road. The GOP is a cancer that metastasized into the base of the party. Irradiate'em all out and return America to good health.

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