Pastor of Tampa church that held 2 large Sunday services arrested, jailed

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    TAMPA, Fla. — Megachurch Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne and the River at Tampa Bay Church had been warned.

    The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip that the pastor planned to hold services Sunday in violation of county orders asking residents to stay home and limit gatherings to slow the coronavirus. Sheriff’s officials said they warned church lawyers on Friday and Sunday about the “dangerous environment they were creating for their members and the community.”

    But Howard-Browne, the self-proclaimed “Holy Ghost bartender” and COVID-19 conspiracy theorist, ignored those warnings. He held two large services on Sunday, deputies said, and even bused people in to the church.

    The church livestreamed the morning “Main Event” service on its Facebook page, showing congregants shoulder-to-shoulder while the church band played.

    That’s why Howard-Browne was arrested Monday on misdemeanor charges of unlawful assembly and violating quarantine orders during a public health emergency, said Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronsiter.
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    hahahahahaha...... How old are you again?
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    I applaud this arrest of this fool. Trump’s 14 day moratorium was still in place when this idiot held these services. He placed himself, his congregation and ultimately all of us at increased risk and defied the law.

    Here we have an example of a right wing idiot. He is just as bad as the left wing idiots who bring nothing to the table except stupidity and their narrow-minded political agenda.
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