Michael Flynn: The 'Deep State' is plotting to spike your salad dressing with the COVID vaccine

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    but since certain people don't eat salads, no effect

    Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser to the Trump administration who has embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory and advocated the violent military overthrow of the United States, has a new conspiracy theory: the Deep State is going to vaccinate your salad dressing.

    Flynn, who was fired, prosecuted, and ultimately pardoned over his lies to the FBI in the Russia investigation, brought up the idea on a far-right internet show on Wednesday.

    "Somebody sent me a thing this morning where they're talking about putting the vaccine in salad dressing," said Flynn. "Have you seen this? I mean it's — and I'm thinking to myself, this is the Bizarro World, right? This is definitely the Bizarro World ... these people are seriously thinking about how to impose their will on us in our society, and it has to stop."

    Fact-checker Mike Rothschild noted that the study he's talking about is actually an effort by scientists to create an mRNA vaccine that doesn't have to be stored in a deep freeze. The mRNA vaccines like Moderna and Pfizer all have to be stored in extremely cold locations, which is why when they open one vaccine bottle they have to throw it away if it goes unused.

    It came from StudyFinds, which explains that the main goal is to use plants to help serve or grow the vaccine in plants, which can be stored at room temperature.

    "Thanks to a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, researchers are now looking to accomplish three goals. First, the team will try to successfully deliver DNA containing mRNA vaccines into plant cells, where they can replicate. Next, the study authors want to show that plants can actually produce enough mRNA to replace a traditional injection. Finally, the team will need to determine the right dosage people will need to eat to properly replace vaccinations," explains the study's website.

    For those hoping to get many vaccines, they have to be stored at cold temperatures. According to a fact sheet from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Diphtheria tetanus pertussis-containing vaccines have to be stored at 35-46 degrees, for example. As does Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines. So do the HPV vaccine and the flu vaccines. In the case of the LAIV flu shot, it says "do not expose to temperatures above the recommended range," which is 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

    These temperature requirements make it difficult to get the vaccine out to more rural areas.

    "Our idea is to repurpose naturally occurring nanoparticles, namely plant viruses, for gene delivery to plants," said UC-San Diego's Professor Nicole Steinmetz. "Some engineering goes into this to make the nanoparticles go to the chloroplasts and also to render them non-infectious toward the plants."

    Flynn, it seems, made a giant logical leap from using vaccines in plants for room temperature storage to forcing the vaccine on people in their salad dressing. Also, most salad dressing also has to be kept in the refrigerator after being opened.

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    That dunbazz got hit in the head too many times in basic training.
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    It sounds like an interesting extension of the Trump Vaccine Technology (TVT). As long as folks aren't fooled or coerced (which is a distinct possibility), I don't see the problem. The Perps who attacked Gen. Flynn will be brought to Justice soon enough. ;)
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    And where did you take your BASIC, Little Joe? Did you find your DD-214? Did you determine if you were drafted or a volunteer?
    When did you graduate from the National War College, and when did you receive your 1st Star, and where did you take your Marxist Training in order to be awarded the Hateful Deliberately Stupid Speech Master HDSSM) Masters Degree, which allowed you to take Command of the Reddit Ideology of Division Army?

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    Was it from the Fauci Budget?

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