Meat Is Not Essential! Covid-19 Infected Slaughterhouses Forced To Open

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FryDaddyJr, May 4, 2020.

  1. FryDaddyJr

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    People always accuse vegans of caring more about animals than people, but I don't know a single meat eater who would boycott meat to protest this and to save other human lives.

    The COVID-19 slaughterhouse crisis! These animal killing factories are now hotbeds of coronavirus infections in the U.S., leaving many workers ill, while others have died. Meat plants have been voluntarily closing, sparking fears of a national meat shortage. The president of the U.S. issued an emergency order to force the slaughter houses to remain open despite their widespread virus outbreaks. So slaughter houses are essential! Meat is essential?
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  2. Andrew Jackson

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    Yes, food is essential- believe it or not.
    Frankly, I’m tired of select individuals deciding what is vital and what isn’t. Go take your grievances to the WWE ring and golf courses that were markedly as “essential” enterprises.

    Farms producing the vegetation that you and other vegans consume have just the same amount of risk for spreading the coronavirus. As a result, supply chains have been disrupted in that sector as well.

    And another point- meat can be stored/frozen for a while. If you buy cabbage, lettuce, or other greens, that’ll begin to rot in a week. So, yes- meat is essential.
  3. FryDaddyJr

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    so you can name some vegetable and fruit processing plants where outbreaks have occurred? Didn't think so.
    Fruits and vegetables can be dried canned and frozen. basic facts like these shouldn't need to be explained to an adult.

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