Man reportedly tackled, has car burned after attempting to shoot protesters with bow and arrow

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FryDaddyJr, May 31, 2020.

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    Holy crap. A right-winger—identifiable by his "All lives matter!" scream just before he tried to kill people—went to the Salt Lake City protests, got out a hunting bow, and tried to shoot protesters. If the protesters had not swarmed him, we could very well be reading about a death right now instead of this guy getting beat up and his car set on fire.

    Who else but Fox News interviewed him, of course. He identified himself as Brandon McCormick, and told Fox that the crowd beat him up because he shouted "all lives matter" (a right-wing meme designed to falsely denigrate BLM). He says that he was beat up when he shouted that, then he tried to pull his weapon, and got beat up some more. Then he was royally pissed because police he was trying to "protect" didn't rescue him soon enough, causing him to lose his car *and* his phone, which he seemed almost more upset about. Fox smugly ate it all up, and labeled the story, "Protests Turn Violent." (See video here:

    However, videos soon surfaced showing this guy getting out of his car, getting his bow cocked, and when a protester expressed shock and asked, "You call yourself an American?" he shot back, "Yes! I'm an American! All lives matter!!" At that point, he had just gotten out of his car. He had not yet been "beaten" or assaulted in any evident manner.

    Then he proceeded to aim the arrow at the protesters. Thankfully, he was stopped before he could loose an arrow at someone—but you can get a glimpse of him pointing it at just a few feet distant as one man tried to stop him.

    So, it wasn't exactly as he claimed. To their credit, the Fox station wisely took back their story and showed the revealing video.

    I have to say, the guy seems to be a total idiot—but clearly he has also been deeply affected by the propaganda pushed by right-wing media, to the point where he apparently thought, "Screw it, I'm gonna do the police a favor and take out these thugs and scum," or something to that effect.
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    Golly gee, Fry Daddy! Thank for showing us the error of our ways. Those evil, brain washed Fox watchers should all bow before you and thank you for your enlightenment.
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    Like I said, none of the kooks were created by the protesters. They have always been out there. Many of them don't even have agendas, they are just reacting to the ethos in the only ways they have left to them. The idiots that want to pin this completely on one side or the other are the ones that thrive on the divisiveness they crave for reason only they can understand. Revolution and change are hard. This will not happen without a fight. No worthwhile change ever happened without a substantial amount of upheaval. What this change will cost us is yet to be determined but change we must.

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