Just For Fun, Tendencies Opposed To Your Views

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mopar Dude, Mar 28, 2020.

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    Life is so difficult and consequences so dire right now I thought a little levity may be in order.

    Do you or someone you are close to have tendencies that are in conflict with your political views. Not that it is a fair statement, but these days conservatives and liberals are considered to have their own narrow views of things. I’ll give mine to start things off.

    Conservatives are generally considered to be uncaring of the worlds resources. For thirty years my wife and I have been happy moderate conservatives..... Many years ago she and I went on a deep sea fishing trip. During that trip a sea turtle surfaced next to the boat. It was an awe inspiring experience but moved my wife deeply and she became more and more involved in sea turtle conservation. She gives generously to the sea turtle hospital in Charleston SC and stays involved in conservation efforts. Well, five years ago she joined an effort to guard several sea turtle nests on the coast culminating in watching the nest hatch and scurry to the sea. That night came and she called me later crying bitter tears. You see, newly hatched turtles instinct is to follow the light of the moon to the safety of the ocean. On her expedition, the hatchlings became confused by the lights of the city and moved instead toward the city and certain death. It broke her heart in ways I cannot express.

    so I live with the worlds most dedicated sea turtle conservationist now. My bathrooms are all decorated in sea turtle garb. What’s your conundrum?
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