Interesting View Of God & Covid-19

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Mopar Dude, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    I wish this were my thought process, but I cannot take credit for it..... I have often thought we may pay the price one day for inviting God out of our government, classrooms & lives so when I heard this, it rang true for me.

    We as adults have encountered in our lives a headstrong youngster that refuses our assistance. We know in our hearts and minds that the bull headed youngster would ultimately make a mistake or finally crawl back to us for our assistance with whatever task we knew beforehand was beyond their ability.

    Well, here we have been pushing God out of our lives. All along telling him we are now too educated for his involvement in our lives. We now know better than to listen to these ancient fairy tales, etc. Perhaps we are now facing exactly what we asked for. God has stepped back to let us to get tangled our own webs. Just a thought.
  2. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Member

    so what will be your "thoughts" when this affects all people regardless of their faith in a magical being?
  3. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    It certainly will affect all people. I won’t “bite” on your baited use of words though. I’m not here to argue. And I won’t try to convert you or anything of that nature either..... Just know that I have walked both sides of this road. I walked on your side much longer than my side. During the “rock star” years of my life I participated in more debauchery than you could ever dream of.... You aren’t speaking to a clueless prude here. Not by a long shot.
  4. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Member

    I'm not religious, yet I don't live a life of "debauchery". usually the most anti gay, anti non marriage sexual screechers have the most secrets
  5. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

  6. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Member

    huh??? you don't have to be religious to be MORAL
  7. Mopar Dude

    Mopar Dude Well-Known Member

    LOL... Your words. Not mine. I draw absolutely no correlation between the two.
  8. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    I have to note that the "God thumpers" are the ones that are acting the most ridiculously during this crisis. They are holding church services in spite of the lethal consequences. they are trying to praying away the virus, And they are the ones taking advantage of the crisis to push their agenda in state governments like restricting abortion rights.

    However, there is a more apt historical lesson to be learned here. Back during the plagues Europe endured, the churches of the day called all the death and disease God's will. If you died, you were a sinner. If you lived, it was by the grace of God. Heads, religion wins, tails, religion wins. It worked well for them.

    Today, thanks to scientific inquiry, we know that viruses and bacteria are responsible for disease and we also know how to best handle them. Religion would have had us continue to believe it was all God's will. Science isn't a replacement for religion but where science can easily explain "God's will", it is clearly a better alternative.

    Nature is still relevant to the human condition as much as we might like to think that we have concurred nature entirely. When the heard gets too massive to sustain itself within the boundaries of our ecosystem, the ecosystem has its own system of checks and balances. We don't see those checks and balances until they smack us in the face. COVID-19 is just nature saying, "Hey! You're overpopulating the ecosystem. Time to cull the heard a bit. Here is a new virus."

    God plays no role in this dance as much as the deeply religious would have us believe.

    As far as God being kicked out of schools, businesses, government, etc., I believe that organized religion should be content to practice the beliefs within the context of their own churches. Once they start impinging on public spaces, which religion or no religion are we supposed to favor?

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