I believe the administration made a mistake!

Discussion in 'World Events' started by CoinBlazer, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Turkey launches military assault in Syria as Kurdish fighters say warplanes are bombing region

    I am concerned about this situation. We have had a standing alliance with Turkey for some time now, using their military capabilities as support measures in war against terrorism. US has been the protector or "big brother" of Kurdish forces, now the Turkish want to massacre them, we put ourselves in a dangerous

    I don't believe that we should have ever supported Kurdish forces if it risked our alliance with Turkey, Turkey has supported us much more than the Kurds have.
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    The issue concerns me too, but there are some other factors in play here. Trump is right when he says that we can’t be the world’s policemen in these wars. It was true for Vietnam, and it’s true here. We have to pick and choose our shots. We can’t be everywhere.

    These people have been hating, fighting and killing each other for centuries. There is no way that the United States can stop these wars.

    The central issue is, will United States security be affected by what happens there? Will the radicals use these countries, some of which are nations in name only, to launch attacks against us?

    I feel badly for the “good Kurds.” We have supported them, and now it appears that we are abandoning them. There are also “bad Kurds” who Marxists who would cause harm if they had the chance. This illustrates the complexity of the situation.

    If Turkey succeeds in exercising a temporary sphere of control in the region, they might find out that they have bitten off more than they chew. Isis radicals will go to war with them too, and the Turkish dictator might find out that he would have done well if he had not intervened.
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