Huge German Demo Demands End to anti-Russian Warmongering

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    The news Mainstream won’t report.
    Huge German Demo Demands End to anti-Russian Warmongering

    •15,000 rally in East German city of Dresden to object to Germany's permissive immigration policies and the belligerent Russia stance
    •It's a rally of ordinary, conservative people who no longer feel themselves represented by the establishment political parties and policies
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    Many Germans are fed up with Merkels pro-Russia stance.
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    To say nothing of the increased crime because of the riff-raff she has allowed into the country. Decent people who work hard and pay their taxes should expect to be protected to criminals and losers who expect to be kept by the state after the elites have allowed them into the country.

    Leaders like Merkel are protected from the violence by armed guards; the people are not. They have to hope that they won’t be one of the unlucky people who are assaulted, robbed, raped or murdered by these "innocent" Middle Eastern refugees. It reminds me of this anti-Hillary photo that cropped up in 2016 when she was spouting her extreme gun control policies.

    Protect Hillary,jpg.jpg
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