How Many People Here Actually Believe That Adam and Eve Existed?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by JoeNation, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. JoeNation

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    Really? You believe that we all sprang from two individuals? I wonder how many here really believe this easily disprovable fable? I also wonder if anyone would admit to believing it. Not likely.
  2. IQless1

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    I took the liberty to do some research on the specifics of the story to help me explain my position on it. Bear with me. :rolleyes:

    While I'm certain people like Jesus and Muhammad were actual people, I don't believe Adam and Eve were. They are a major part of the Christian's version of creation mythology, specifically the Creation of Man, the Fall of Man and Original Sin lore. The use of Adam and Eve is a parable, a wisdom tale, that addresses the questions surrounding the harsh realities of life.

    There are other religions that have a similar creation story, with unique interpretations. The scientific consensus is that humans have evolved over time. I've heard of various dates as significant in that development, such as when modern humans came to be and when the written languages began.

    One date that stuck in my mind throughout my life is 146 thousand years ago. For some reason, I considered it to be the earliest form of modern man, albeit more primative. Recently, I've learned that the Adam and Eve myth can be addressed on a cellular level, with Y-chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia on this version:

    Y-chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve
    The names Adam and Eve are used metaphorically in a scientific context to designate the patrilineal and matrilineal most recent common ancestors, the Y-chromosomal Adam and the Mitochondrial Eve. Those are not fixed individuals, nor is there any reason to assume that they lived at the same time, let alone that they met or formed a couple. A recent study on the subject estimates that the Y-chromosomal Adam lived 120 to 156 thousand years ago, while the Mitochondrial Eve lived 99 to 148 thousand years ago. Another recent study places the Y-chromosomal Adam 180 to 200 thousand years ago.

    So, I guess I'm of that particular opinion when it comes to Adam and Eve mythology. ;)
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  3. JoeNation

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    I ask because there are people that literally think of Adam and Eve as historical figures. As if they actually existed at one point in history. While people like Jesus probably did exist, the whole story of a virgin birth, the son of god, and preforming miracles were simply older mythological stories that were adapted to the Christian faith after Jesus had long since died. People take these stories literally because they have never questioned what they are told.
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  4. IQless1

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    "Jesus" wasn't an overly uncommon name in that region during that period, from what I understand. A few of the "miracles" he is said to have performed are dubious, at best. Turning "water into wine" is likely due to people polluting their local water supplies with animal (human included) waste. It was safer to drink an alcoholic beverage such as wine or mead than to drink the polluted water. This was known for some time before the arrival of Jesus, and therefore it was common practice. Another myth is the fish story. He supposedly put his hand in the water and the fish came to the boat. True, actually, and you can test that for yourself. Results vary depending on the type and number of fish in the vicinity and multiple other factors. The appearance of walking on water is easy to mimic if the depth of the water is only an inch or two deep and there's a hard enough surface to walk on. And yeah, Jesus's parents had sex. Lots of sex. The virgin myth about his mom is to religion what the republican myths about Obama are to fellow republicans: Something to excite the base.
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  5. JLogan

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  6. JoeNation

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    You are young and highly impressionable. You can be forgiven for being naive. But you do get an A for honesty. Your cowardly compatriots wouldn't never admit to such a belief.

    I am sorry to rock your whole world but the story of Adam and Eve is just an allegory like much of the bible and it confuses people because many of the stories are mixed with actual events.
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  7. JoeNation

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    Anyway, the point of this thread was to test the courage of each person's convictions. If you, meaning generic you, don't have the courage of your convictions, why do you even have them in the first place? You can believe anything you want but you should never hide behind a wall of feckless beliefs and dart out to attack others for not sharing your beliefs if you won't even stand by them yourself. That's just as cowardly as it gets.
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  8. IQless1

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    David might reply, but he's probably on vacation.
  9. JoeNation

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    More likely buried under that climate change he is waffling on.
  10. c jay

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    Like all good myths, there is an underlying truth. We can trace our DNA to one woman and one man as IQless1 stated. The tree in the garden was called the "Tree of Knowledge" which is a great metaphor for becoming self aware. Genesis more or less outlines the creation of the earth and beginning of life. Big Bang (let there be light), followed by the creation of the galaxies (separation of sky and earth), followed by the creation of the oceans (separation of the earth and water)..........
  11. LucyRay

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  12. David

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    Heck, I stay on vacation! Actually, we've been getting our daughter settled in at college but thanks for asking.

    As for moron joe, I tend to believe along the same lines as described by cjay. Do I believe in God? Yep. Do I believe God created man & the universe? Yep.
    I don't take every single piece of the Bible literally.

    How's that?
  13. Takiji

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    So tell me, how do you know which bits to take literally and which bits to view as metaphoric and which ones to just ignore?
  14. clembo

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    How Many People Here Actually Believe That Adam and Eve Existed?

    I would say at least three.
  15. JoeNation

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    Allegory meant to explain a concept.
  16. Takiji

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    If I may expand this a little, I'm interested in how many people believe in the story of Noah's Ark? Apparently there's a group of Christians who are convinced that they've found it on a mountain top in Turkey. I'd like to know their explanation of how, in pre-Qantas times, kangaroos made it from a mountain top in Turkey all the way to Australia and then why they chose to stay there.

    And what happened to the unicorns? The Bible says that there were unicorns back in the day. Where are they now? Did they miss the boat? One of the great sorrows of my life is not having a pet unicorn. Although I hear that they are, or were, dangerous. Fun fact to know and tell. When a unicorn is depicted in a coat of arms, such as the British royal arms, it is always chained. Check it out. It wasn't a good idea to let them run wild apparently. I can't believe how bored I am.
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  17. JoeNation

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    It makes perfect evolutionary sense of course. Because the bible evolves as the times dictate. Nobody depicted Jesus as white until white people started dominating Christianity. Nobody had any concept or explanation of dinosaurs until they were discovered, not in the bible, but the in millions of layer of sedimentary rock. They the story was that the devil put them there to fool the faithful. Well the point is that the bible has changed, adapted, evolved, as was necessary to stay relevant to the masses. You would think that God would have seen these discoveries ahead of time but you have to believe that there was no way for man to anticipate these revelations so one can only conclude that God had very little to do with the bible and man pretty much punked the rest of us.
  18. Takiji

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    I've wondered about that. So are we supposed to believe that there was this tiny group of white people who were living in the Middle East during Roman times and went around preaching kind of an off-brand Judaism? Of course when I first learned about the Bible and Christianity and had Christian friends I thought the whole thing was pretty weird and I was blown away that otherwise normal people took it seriously.

    The Chinese assumed that they were the remains of dragons. Not too far from the truth I guess.

    I think the Bible might be running out of wiggle room though. It's proven pretty elastic but there are limits. It seems like we are headed toward the point at which believers will almost all be of the Fundamentalist, young-
    Earth persuasion. The more moderate among the faithful will increasingly find that they can no longer square the circle.

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