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    Currently wrapping up a power point for my DC US History 106 class. We were to do a biographical analysis of a famous colonist 1750-150 that was NOT a president. So I picked the author of the 1792 Coinage Act- RObert Morris Jr. After a week of writing this, he has to be the most underrated founding father!

    Here is a semi-comprehensive list of interesting facts
    • Attended meetings of Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, US Senator and a supporter of Federalist Party. 1/2 People to sign all three documents.
    • It is rumored that King George the III thought Robert Morris Jr as "the most damming name of all" on the Declaration of Independence. Wow!
    • in his twenties he took some of his earnings and joined a few friends in creating the London Coffee House, an institution which the Philadelphia Stock Exchange claims as its origin(3)
    • in 1775, he convinced the captain of the tea ship Polly to return to England. By this action Philadelphia avoided the kind of violence that occurred in the case of the Boston Tea Party.(3)
    • He had the exclusive privilege to write to Washington at Mount Vernon informing him that he had been elected President of the United States. (3)
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    Interesting history. Thanks for sharing. ;)
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    If it would help you presentation, here are a few coin pictures you can pick and choose to use, if you like. These were some of the first coins produced under the Coinage Act of 1792.

    The U.S. Cent, The Chain Cent.

    1793ChainO.JPG 1793ChainR.JPG

    The 1792 half disme. This was not made at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, but many numismatists now view it as the first U.S. made for circulation. Thomas Jefferson supplied the silver for these pieces.

    1792 Half Disme O.jpg 1792 Half Disme R.jpg

    The first U.S. gold coin, a 1795 half eagle or $5 gold piece.

    1795 Half Eagle A O.jpg 1795 Half Eagle A R.jpg

    I can give you alot more historical background if you like, but I know time is an important factor in presentations like this.
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    Robert Morris put up a lot of his own money to finance the Revolution. He and William Bingham, a Phaladelphia merchant, were responsible for getting the finanacing for the arms that went to the patriot troops at a time when the Confederation governemnt was bankrupt.

    On a sad note, he did go to debtor's prison for a while after he lost a lot of money some western land speculations.
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    Oh my, John..... do these lie in your collection?
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    Coinblazer, I believe you are about to ace your US history class. That is some well researched and well presented history. Well done!
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    Absolutely spectacular pieces.
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    I do appreciate the offer, however the presentation is already submitted.
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    Yeah its 17 slides and I cited 3 biographies written by historical societies. It better be good!
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