Have our wars been justified? Let's debate.

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    At one point @JoeNation stated that the United States has been an imperialist nation that has been at war for 90% of its history. Counting 2020, that would mean that this country has existed for 194 years. Applying the 90% claim that would set the war year claim at 175 years, rounding up in Joe’s favor.

    Now that is pretty damning, but one of the problems with accepting that without question is should the “just wars” be part of the condemnation? I would assert that they should not. There are also wars about which we might debate. Those fall into the gray area. Finally, there have been wars that were totally unjustified.

    So, here is part one of my analysis. This will take several posts, so you will have to bear with me on that. I’m going to set the Indian wars aside for the moment. I know that Joe has included them in his totals, but they need to examined separately.
    1. The American Revolution – The country had to get its independence to exist … 1775 to 1782 … 7 years … Justified.
    2. The Tripolitan War – This was Thomas Jefferson’s undeclared war against the Barbary Pirates who were attacking the American European merchant marine. The Barbary Pirates were thieves and enslavers who attacked the ships for personal gain … 1801 to 1805 … 5 years … Justified.
    3. The War of 1812 – The issue was British harassment of American shipping and the impressment of sailors from American ships. The British were said to have changed their policy on impressment just before the war began, but given the slow movement of news at the time, the U.S. declared war. We were lucky not to have lost this war. It went badly in the Great Lakes region, and the British burned Washington DC. Fortunately, the patriots held fast in the Baltimore Harbor and surrounding areas. (Francis Scott Key writes The Star-Spangled Banner.) Andrew Jackson routed the British at New Orleans thus preventing the British from gaining influence at the mouth of the economically vital Mississippi River. The British also agreed to stop helping Native Americans harass settles in Ohio and surrounding areas. … 3 years … Justified with some qualifications.
    4. Texas War for independence – The issue was weather the Americans who settled Texas could maintain their political rights after Santa Anna decided to fold Texas into the Mexican government without representation. If you study the life of Santa Anna, you will learn that he was a tyrant who cared little for the lives of anyone, including the soldiers in his own army. … 1835 to 1846 … 2 years … Justified if there was to be a state of Texas.
    5. Mexican War – It is now very fashionable for liberal historians to condemn this war are pure imperialism. It was fought the satisfy the claim for a “manifest destiny” in which the American nation would stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. We provoked the war and defeated the Mexicans fairly easily. … 1846 to 1848 … 3 years … Unjustified on the surface … BUT what would have happened in the 20th century if the United States had not included California, Arizona and New Mexico among its states? One liberal historian, whose book I read, claimed that we would have annexed California and the rest by treaty or purchase, but she offered no evidence to support that claim. Would the United States have been strong enough to have defeated the Nazis and Japanese in World War II without most of the west coast? Good question.
    6. The Civil War – Unless you support the Confederate States of America, the nation divided and at least another generation of African-American slavery, you have to say that this war was justified. … 1861 to 1865 … 4 years … Justified.
    If there is interest, I shall continue this later.
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