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  1. JoeNation

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    North Carolina’s state legislative maps are so severely gerrymandered to benefit Republicans that they violate the state’s Constitution, a panel of three judges ruled Tuesday.

    Do you approve of gerrymandering when it benefits your side?
  2. JohnHamilton

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    Do you approve of it for your side?
  3. CoinBlazer

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    Perhaps all the states need to reconsider the effects of gerrymandering in their state and see how it adversely or positively affects each party
  4. JoeNation

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    Perhaps congressional districts should be drawn like polygons.

  5. Mopar Dude

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    Short answer to the question is simply, "no".... I believe our founding fathers assumed that future generations would have a modicum of integrity. Sadly, these days integrity at all levels seems to be as outdated as the horse and carriage.
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  6. JoeNation

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    I don't like it when either Party rigs the system to their own advantage. It perverts Democracy and only emboldens the partisan hacks.
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