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Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Jan 16, 2020.

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    The Ministry Of Untruth
    What Donald Trump’s unending stream of lies has done to our White House, our country and us.
    By S.V. Date
    01/15/2020 12:05 pm ET Updated 18 hours ago

    As our president sat across from Volodymyr Zelensky in New York last autumn, he explained to the newly elected leader that he knew all about his country because, after all, he used to own the Miss Universe pageant, and one year the winner was from Ukraine.

    “We got to know the country very well in a lot of different ways,” Donald Trump said.
    It was, unsurprisingly, completely false. A Miss Ukraine had never won the Miss Universe title in the pageant’s 66-year history, including the 20 that Trump had owned it.

    Equally unsurprisingly, the lie went largely unnoticed and uncared about. In the flood of falsehoods that gush from Trump’s mouth and Twitter feed most every day, something like this lacked anywhere near the heft to make a splash.

    Indeed, on that day during his United Nations General Assembly visit, Trump also claimed: “We have created the greatest economy in the history of our country.” Of the USMCA trade agreement: “It’s a great trade deal — the greatest we’ve ever had. NAFTA was a horrible trade deal. It replaces NAFTA.” Of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “A lot of her members now are having second thoughts. They’re saying they’re in a very bad position.” Of his long-promised wall along the Mexican border: “And the wall is going up, many miles a week.” Of the WTO: “World Trade Organization was not one of the greats. Not one of the greats. That was the creation of China, which went like a rocket ship from the day they signed.” And of new automotive plants: “Many of the great Japanese companies, at my request, are now building their plants in the United States. … Big ones going up in South Carolina, Florida.”

    Not a single one of Trump’s assertions was true.

    Today’s economy is not the greatest economy in the country’s history, and has, in fact, over the past year been slowing down. Trump’s United States Mexico Canada Agreement is essentially the North American Free Trade Agreement with some minor tweaks. Pelosi was not losing support among her Democratic members. Not a single mile of new fence had been built someplace where there hadn’t already been a barrier. China did not create the WTO, and Toyota and Nissan are not suddenly building new plants here. Not in Florida. Not anywhere.

    And on that day, the scandal now threatening Trump’s presidency – his request of Zelensky for the “favor” of investigating a political rival – was just erupting into full bloom, the day after Pelosi had announced a formal impeachment inquiry.

    It was easy for the fake Ukrainian Miss Universe to get lost.

    It is exhausting. All of it.


    I’ve been a journalist for 33 years. I’ve covered Congress. NASA and the military space program. City and county halls. The Florida statehouse. Criminal courts, including armed robbers and serial killers. In all of that time, I have never encountered a public official, a candidate for office, a bureaucrat, a defense lawyer or, frankly, an actual criminal who is as regularly and aggressively dishonest as the current president of the United States. And that includes a dozen years covering the Florida legislature.
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    Lying from the pulpit of the presidency is not unique to our current commander in chief..... Excuse me, but I believe I may have just heard an economic commentator mention the Dow is approaching record territory... I'm sorry, but that's unimportant isn't it?....... Let's just say for fodder that the man is re-elected for another term. Do we have to tolerate four more years of whining from the left? Four more years of "plotting against the president"? Four more years of hand wringing? Four more years of partisan roadblocks?... In other words, another wasted four years?? Please tell me we can finally get beyond this and accomplish something worthwhile.
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    The problem is that Trump just keeps committing new crimes. He and his administration are at a record pace when it comes to government corruption by just about any standard you can name. You have to ask yourself why all the people that accuse Trump of corruption are will to do it under oath and all those that defend him are either unwilling or have been block from testifying under oath in his defense. As I said before, all Trump has to do is release the entire tape of his phone call with the Ukrainian President and prove that there was no quid pro quo and he'd be free from all the things he is being accused of here. For some reason, he refuses???
    Curiouser and curiouser.

    If Trump actually got a second term, I can't even imaging how free he'd feel to go full-scale corruption or even how full-scale corruption is any different than what we saw in his first term. The more he gets away with, the more he wants to get away with. It will already take generations to restore this country's reputation once Trump is finally gone. People will be pointing to Trump's presidency for decades and using it as a reason not to trust this country.

    Someone posted this sentiment recently and I have to agree...

    He’s guilty. If you don’t know that, then you’re just too scared to hurt your voting and party pride. Your ego far surpasses any intellect or common sense.
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    But to the point of the OP. Either Trump is (1) lying or, (2) he is too senile to know what is true or false or, (3) he is just a quintessential bullshit artist. If you take his words literally, it has to be one of those three things and in any of those scenarios, he shouldn't be leading a second-rate Banana Republic much less the most powerful country on the planet. Unless you can come up with a different explanation for why he says things that are provably of the wall, you have to agree with my assertions. There simply isn't another explanation that doesn't strain credulity.
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    Howard Hughes was crazy as the day is long. But he knew how to create wealth. Any way you want to spin this.... Mr. Trump is getting the job done. While Democrats are hand wringing and having impeachment parties, the president is getting the job done. I don't care what he says. I really have not one iota of concern, He is braggadocios and I don't care to hear that. People are working and as a result there are fewer on the government dole. That is success in my book.
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    Hugh created wealth long before he lost his marbles. Creating wealth is no measure of sanity. I don't know what you are referring to when you say he is getting the job done. I suppose it depends on what job you are talking about. As I've said in the past, no one can point to one policy decision that Trump made that changed the trajectory of falling unemployment rates, falling welfare rolls, and or any other metric that wasn't a result of Obama ear policies. I suppose other than an extreme increase in the wealth of the 1%, Trump can't really take credit for anything.
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    As a businessman I have seen failing businesses twist their books around to appear to be successful so they could sell. It happens a lot. The primary goal of mergers and acquisitions professionals is to clearly define a companies books prior to marketing the business..... Point is, I know you are astute and are far more familiar with the records and reports offered by the myriad of government offices and agencies out there. I am not familiar with government record keeping. However I do know those figures can be manipulated to present an agenda. What I am familiar with is the economy. I know that me and the eight people in my employ that are not part of the 1% are wealthier than we were four years ago. I know it costs less to fill my gas tank now that America is a self sufficient provider of energy. And apparently the Dow concurs with what Mr. Trump is doing. To me that is a pretty strong indicator that something real is getting done. And it is not getting done in the chambers of congress. They have been consumed with one goal and one goal only. So who then is moving and shaking this economy?
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    Glad you are personally doing well but the economy doesn't even begin to tell the whole story when it comes to Trump. If that is the only metric you want to focus on, you'll miss much of what is happening that in all likelihood will eventually cause your metric of choice to crash and burn. Republicans shrug off everything Trump does whether it is completely against the Constitution or if it happens to make their party look bad, they just don't care because they are profiting. Thank God the rest of us are not that shortsighted. You can call us Democrats, or never Trumpers, or anything else you want to dismiss us as but there is a plurality of Americans that are fed up with this orange buffoon and look well beyond just the wealth factor to the greater nation as a whole. What we stand for, what we mean to democracy around the world, what our values are/were. Money just really doesn't interest me all that much.
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    I am not as much of a fellow that draws his conclusions on party affiliation. Lindsey Graham is a representative from my state and he is a complete embarrassment to me. It’s not about left/right politics with me. It’s about hard working Americans doing well and prospering. They are the real engine that makes this country run. It’s about the millions of families that respond to an early alarm being able to realize something for their hard work and contribution to the workings of our nation. They don’t care about impeachment or partisan follies. They care about having enough left over to buy their kid a new ball glove. That is prosperity to most and that is what is meaningful at the American dinner table. These representatives that have wasted the last three years on partisan foolishness owe every cent of their compensation to these hard working people. These representatives make me want to wretch. So yes, that is the metric I am wholly focused on.
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    I understand your desire for material wealth. You have made it plain in many threads. I certainly understand why it drives you since you are steeped in an occupation that is dependent on financial success. I get it. It makes perfect sense to me.

    I guess what I'm asking is can you understand why someone like me, not in your situation, might look at the bigger picture? I think that boiling down the quality of a leader must have more to it than just wealth. Am I wrong for believing that?
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    No, not at all. And don’t misunderstand. It’s not nearly as much about material wealth as it is the confidence that next month and next year I can still meet payroll. I am likely the only business owner you will ever meet that is not compensated as highly as his top producing sales staff. It’s not the wealth with me. It’s the confidence that our nation is chugging along strongly enough to believe that tomorrow will be better than today. And for me and many, many Americans, the state of the economy dictates that.

    And frankly, no I fully concur that you are as correct as I believe that I am. I have long believed that it is an unhealthy state for all three branches of government to be controlled by one political party. We all have tunnel vision when it comes to the issues that are passionate to each of us. That’s just part of the stew that makes this country work so well. We need all parts of that stew to make it work.

    I enjoy debating with you as I always feel I come away with something beneficial from it. Critically though I would say that you are unfair with the man. There are good things happening for many in our nation currently. That cannot be denied. I have said before that I loathe Mr. Obama for lying to me about healthcare. However, I fully acknowledge he is likely the most astute man and best communicator that has ever held that office.

    Right now my baby girl comes home every day from school and admonishes me because there is not a recycling bin in our home. Well, I am personally rebellious against the environmental movement in our nation because I feel it has gone off the rails wacky. That’s just me. I don’t put gasoline down the drain, but I feel a lot of this is simply indoctrination. I didn’t say that to debate about it. I said that because I am buying a recycling bin this weekend. I’ll not tell her she is wrong for feeling the way she feels. She is as correct as I think I am. Probably more so..... Sometimes you have to acknowledge that there just may be some good in a viewpoint that is in opposition to your own.
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    Well said my friend. It is your reasonableness that I have always appreciated. We come at issues from different perspectives but you always remain civil while expressing your viewpoint without attacking. A rare quality in forums these days.

    I have often been accused of bludgeoning people with the truth, or my truth anyway. And I see validity in that criticism. Even if someone is provably wrong, no one likes to being beat over the head with the truth. My greatest flaw, among my many flaws, is impatience. I hate wasting time in lines, in traffic, or any other situation where I am forced to stand idle. I say this because I know that the best way to bring someone around to the point of view I see as most relevant is to let them get there on their own. It takes time and patience and I have little of one and too much of the other. I am not as aggressive in my opinions as my words sometimes paint me.

    Anyway, nice talking to you. I hope that the recycling thing works out for you. I tend to smile at the younger generation for their recycling efforts because I know that the world belongs to them next. I know that my generation has allowed the world to wallow in it's own filth for far too long. I may not be around to see the worst of what we have done to our environment, but I can't disparage those who will be for wanting a better future.
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