Extremism the political boogieman

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Jan 25, 2021.

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    I think that no reasonable person could argue that what we witnessed over the last 4 years of Trumpism, authoritarianism, populism, and straight up Fascism was anything other then extremism in steroids. The cult of personality we witnessed was unlike any other movement in our history and ultimately culminated in insurrection and sedition played out in the Citadel of Democracy in the U.S. Capitol. It is hard to even imagine a more apt example of anti-democratic principles on display coming from one of the major political parties but we witnessed exactly that when the losing side decided to try and overturn an democratic election that was roundly assessed by leaders in both political parties as a fair and free demonstration of the democratic process in action.

    Now that this process has played out and our democratic institutions, while damaged, still held firm, there are those that want to use the moniker of extremism to castigate the winners as extremists while completely ignoring their own documented power grab attempts and adherence to authoritarian principles.

    I say ignore them. Govern as far to the Left as this country can tolerate and forget compromise completely. I normally wouldn't advocate for this bold approach but I see zero in the way of remorse from the adherents of authoritarianism and insurrection. They will not learn anything if we allow them to continue to as they have. We need to systematically crush them and stomp on their remains. They will give no quarter to us and we should give none to them until they return to a sane governing path. They need to purge the extremist elements from their own ranks but alas, the extremists are more likely to do the purging. That is why we have to grind the GOP into the dust. Never forget their sedition. Never for their belief in the Big Lie.
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    Oooh-Rahh!!!..... Yes sir.... Only half the residents of this fine nation matter now. Only ultra left policy from here till doomsday!! Yes sir... Take from those that work and lay it at the feet of those that vote left. Oooh-Rahh!! Teach those conservative voters a lesson. Hunt them out, mark them with the sign of the left and put their sniveling conservative bodies on display... Oooh-Rahh!! Free M&M's and coloring books for all!!!
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    Didn't our Great Leader call out for Unity. Did you not hear his call for Unity and National Healing in his Inauguration Address? I hope you're not one of those who choose incorrectly to undermine his Presidency.
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    I don't march to his orders the way you marched to Trump's orders. Unity is a red herring. The Right doesn't want it so why should I?
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    watch me not wear a silly hat or worship Biden they way
    Magidiots did to trump
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