ESPIONAGE you say?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by freshmeat, Sep 2, 2022.

  1. Profiler

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    Are you asking why I know that the shown docs/ framed pictures didn’t come out of that box or why they included that box in the photo?
  2. GeneWright

    GeneWright Well-Known Member

    Both I guess, but more so the former
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    sweet eh?
  4. Profiler

    Profiler Well-Known Member

    Look at all the available information. I will explain why if you can’t tell us why the docs didn’t come out of this box. Research and think.
  5. GeneWright

    GeneWright Well-Known Member

    Okay, let's give it a go.

    First: The listed documents were found in a box, and of the evidence inventory, what's there best matches a subset of item 2.


    Obviously they can't fit everything in one photograph, there's literally hundreds of documents. I would assume you'll find the rest in pictures like 2B, 2C, etc., but no other photos have been released yet.


    We've seen him moving boxes from Florida that are the same type as the one pictured. This point is just to say, he owns those types of boxes.



    He said they were taken out of boxes (though he refers to them as cartons)?

    Fourth: this whole thing we're doing is a bit of a red herring. Why does it matter if they were actually in the boxes or not? They were in his possession either way.
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  6. Profiler

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    May 8th 2021??? What are the dates of the documents and “news articles” and “ classified marked documents” from the “box” ? The photo is a bankers box, 703 or 713, standard item from GSA and many private businesses. But if you have actually read the all the available information (FBI) from legal filings, you would know what box these photo items came from. My original assertion was this is a propaganda photo.
  7. GeneWright

    GeneWright Well-Known Member

    The greater context of that photo is that those boxes were being loaded on a plane out of Florida days after the government initially requested the documents be returned. I left that out and merely looked at him using those style boxes because I didn't want to delve into conspiracy theory. I think it's worth checking his other properties, but I'm not going to make the leap that the photo from May shows him sneaking stuff out of Florida.

    Show me then. I did my part backing up my claim with photos, filings, and quotes. Your turn.
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  8. Profiler

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    The documents did not come out of the box in photo 2A. Items are being placed in this box.
    Again, zero evidentiary value. This, and most likely all #A photos are only for media reasons. Note the use of “various “ and “miscellaneous”. Crime scene inventory is specific, especially when documenting the primary evidence.
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  9. GeneWright

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    You are absolutely right about the box, I was wrong. Thank you for showing me.

    However, I would counter that after reading the property receipt there I am less convinced that they are media photos. Anything marked #A is a subset of a container that shows purely contains classified information. I think they separate it that way because while they take the whole box the documents were stored in, the documents with markings themselves were most explicitly covered in the warrant.

    They were photographing specifically the evidence that let them take the item in #A, which is definitely the photo you would include in a filing to show that you found what you were looking for. In essence they separated private property from government property and only released a photo of government property.
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  10. Profiler

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    I appreciate your honesty. My responses were intended to make individuals think, not to prove I or you, were right or wrong. This is a propaganda photo, period. Please look at again and apply your thoughts that it’s a sub set photo and explain why it would have any prosecutorial value. I know you think you have already but I’ve explained the standards for evidentiary documentation. Hint
    So….. why the box( that is not where the documents where housed) and why the image of framed media, not government property?
  11. GeneWright

    GeneWright Well-Known Member

    I'd considered the framed media, and admittedly it is odd to include. There's some theory's on why they were included, and some of them are propaganda reasons.

    1. They were stored in the leatherbound box with these documents, this inclusion demonstrates intermingling of obviously personal property with government property and indicates improper storage.

    2. If you're really into crazy theory stuff, I've seen people hypothesize that there are 5 yellow top secret documents and five yellow frames. Perhaps they were hidden in the frames. Though this is far too speculative for my taste given the information we have.

    3. Public influence (propaganda). I believe it could very well be to help counter arguments Trump was making publicly that the FBI planted these documents. They shouldn't deal in public relations stunts like this, but I wouldn't doubt it, all governments do it. The U.S. has been especially notorious for it for near a century.

    There may also be some positive value in it here. Have you noticed that Judge Cannon is acting as Trump's defense attorney? Based on his public statements of declassification and planted evidence, she has given relief to his side without him having to submit legal arguments of declassification or planted evidence. Therefore, it's obvious she's paying attention to the news and ruling based on Trump's own public relations stunts.

    So now we have a weird spot where propaganda efforts of one side are already giving demonstrable legal results. Not that this makes it okay for the DOJ to do, but that's the battlefield these highly public and politicized courts have become.

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