Elizabeth Warren is caught lying again.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnHamilton, Oct 10, 2019.

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    It is now public knowledge that Elizabeth Warren “flunked” her DNA test, which was supposed to prove that she is a Native American. The amount of Native American DNA in her was well under 1%. Nevertheless, she orchestrated a very public display of that fact which blew up in her face. She has been apologizing to voters ever since the story failed to fly.

    Now she is at it again.

    She has repeated made the claim on the campaign trail that she was fired from a teaching job in the mid 2000s because she was “very visibly pregnant.” She said that she was let go solely for that fact and made a big deal about how she, and by implication, other women have been mistreated.

    Unfortunately for her, there is video evidence to the contrary in her own words.

    In the mid 2000s Ms. Warren was working as a teacher with a “temporary emergency certificate.” Since my mother was a teacher, I know what this is. These teaching licenses are issued to college graduates who have not taken the required education courses to receive a fully qualified teachers’ certificate. The idea is that the holder of the temporary emergency certificate will take the education courses that are required to get full certification.

    In a taped video, Ms. Warren said, after taking a couple of the courses, confessed to her husband that this career was not for her. She left the job voluntarily despite the fact that the school offered her another contract. The fact that she was pregnant and had a child had nothing to do with school’s offer of a position. She did not have to leave and was not fired.

    So, “Pocahontas” has been caught again. The American voters should be well aware of this woman’s lack of candor when they make their selections at the polls.
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    John, the truth is not black and white as it once was. A legacy left to our former president Clinton. It is sad, but it is fact that some consider themselves allowed to choose whichever truth suits their current pursuits. Sadly, that won't work for you and I though.
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    Politicians have been lying for as long as there have been politicians. There are good lies and bad lies. Some are for self -promotion and others are for national security reasons.

    James K. Polk's lies got us into the Mexican War and expanded the size of the U.S. as a result. Liberal historians now equate him with the devil. I can debate the issue on both sides. Sometimes I wish the California could have remained part of Mexico. LOL Most of history says we have benefited from taking it.

    Lyndon Johnson got us into the Vietnam War with a lie that got him the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. That was a bad lie through and through.

    George W. Bush got into the Iraq War perhaps with a lie or perhaps based on bad information from British Intelligence. Either way, we have been better off with Sadam there to fight the Iranians instead of our own troops. That’s a piece of Trump what met by involvement in Middle East wars. Both parties are guilty.

    With the Democrat Party “me too movement” becoming such a force, the libs or socialists, who are making the choice about who should represent their party, should know when they are getting a pack of lies. For the Republicans and Independents, they should know the same thing.
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