'Disgraceful': Despite Mass Suffering, GOP Senators Prepare to Leave Town Without Approving Covid Re

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FryDaddyJr, Sep 24, 2020.

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    Biden won’t put the Marxists in charge because he barely has enough brains to know when it’s time to go to the bathroom. Harris, the REAL presidential candidate, will.

    Her analysis is spot on. As for you, Marxism is what you want to impose on us. Own up to to it. I’m a capitalist and will make no apologies for that.
  3. GeneWright

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    I'm still confused. Like, I'm just listing the dates the proposals were released. You know, House releases a proposal, the ball is in the Senate's court. The Senate releases a proposal, the ball is in the House's court.

    It's literally just dates and times. Interpretations of space and time are not partisan! At least, I hope not yet.
  4. JohnHamilton

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    You don’t understand the issues because you are intentionally and politically dense, @GeneWright . I admit that missed it when it came to seeing how far left you are. Even my liberal days, I was never a socialist or a Marxist. I now understand that you are the real deal, just @FryDaddyJr and the biggest Marxist of all, “He who shall not be mentioned, our “Balthazar.”

    You have brains enough to know that Biden is nothing be an empty vessel. In years past, he would be so far down in the polls that people would be writing him by October 1 as they did with McGovern in 1972 and Goldwater in 1964.

    Biden has barely campaigned because he’s too fragile and mentally impaired to do it. Anyone with half a brain can see that. That makes him nothing but a placeholder. When you vote for Biden, you are voting for a Marxist takeover of the government, not a moderate candidate from the Democrat’s “good old days” when they just slightly to the left of center.
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  6. JohnHamilton

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    You have admitted that you are a socialist. Why are you running away from it?
  7. GeneWright

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    Are you familiar with the Doppler effect?

    The reason a car moving towards you sounds high pitched and one moving away sounds low pitched is that the sound waves it's generating are being created from a moving point. Therefore, if the object is moving towards you, they are compressed and conversely they are elongated if it's moving away.


    Now you might find it interesting that light, photons, also move in waves. Therefore, given an object is moving fast enough, the Doppler effect can be experienced with light as well. The larger waves from objects moving away appear red and objects moving towards you appear blue/violet.


    In astronomy, since nearly every object in the sky is moving away from each other as the universe expands, what is frequently observed is called "red shift"


    I propose that the Republican party is moving so fast to the right that anything left of them appears "red" (socialist, marxist, communist, take your pick). The only way to acceptably look "blue" to you again is to play catch up by rapidly shifting our policy to the right. No thank you, the Democrat legacy my whole life has been compromise hard to the right. It's time to stop.
  8. JohnHamilton

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    The Republican Party appears to you to be moving far to the right because you are moving so quickly to the left.
    • Your party has violent revolutionaries in the streets.
    • You are admiring criminals who loot and rob stores.
    • As it was in Nazi Germany, you have your “Hindenburg” - Joe Biden who is supposed to keep the beast, Hitler, in check. Bernie Sanders is too old to be the next Hitler, but you have got to have one in the wings.
    • You are calling for socialized medicine when you have shown no signs what so ever that your party would be able to administer it.
    • You create one Black victim after another, almost always built on lies or half-truths to keep to rabble stirred up. The Nazis and Communists have used that tactic repeatedly through out history.
    Freedom, capitalism, self-initiative, self-responsibility, respect for other people’s rights, all of those things are totally foreign to you and “right wing” because your brain got fried in college. For you, your god is government and your philosophy toward life is collectivism.

    If you win, you find out too late that you were wrong, but by then it will be too late.

    Look at the history of socialism. It’s been marked by one failure after another. The Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, Communist China – everyone of them promised the people everything and delivered oppression. But have it your way. The little professors have programed you well.

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