Dallas Anti-racist group asks white liberals to walk the walk

Discussion in 'Politics' started by StankyBoy, Jul 26, 2021.

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    Funny to think that people really thought the lawn signs and the social media postings would stop the demands.

    These flyers were left by Dallas Justice Now, asking the wealthy whites to commit to not sending their children to certain universities to open room for “BIPOC and LatinX” students. Apparently these were handed out to those whom displayed the signs like good boys and girls for the Marxist forces that be.

    As a young American I am disheartened to see that these awful sentiments are growing, not only in ‘liberal havens’ per se but these sentiments are having much larger consequences across the nation.

    screenshot from the online submission to make the pledge - please note the poll question. It’s “do what we say, or you’re a racist/whatever-phobe”

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