Curbing Police Bloodlust in California

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    Occasionally in police work, officers find themselves using deadly force. In almost all circumstances, these officers claim that they feared for their life and were forced to fire upon the suspect. Often though, the suspect was unarmed. In general, the law supports an officer's right to use deadly force when they "fear for their lives", and so we hear officers claim that during investigations into officer's shootings and trials.

    In my opinion, the main reason officers "shoot first and ask questions later" isn't necessarily born out of fear. Instead, I believe it's due to a lack of respect for the lives of citizens and a lack of proper restraint placed on officers within law. Courts generally find in favor of officers due to the government placing more value on an officer's life than that of an ordinary citizen.

    California appears poised to change the way officers use deadly force. In my opinion, it's important to treat an officer's life with the same respect as that of an ordinary citizen. It's only then that courts can have a balanced law from which to fairly judge the actions of an officer or officers and a suspect or suspects who had been shot dead by them.

    California lawmakers propose legislation restricting when police can shoot

    By Rebecca Savransky - 04/03/18 01:28 PM EDT
    The Hill

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    Well, it's a start. Police have been murdering people in the US (and getting away with it) since there have been police forces, but public awareness of this phenomenon has risen in the past decade or so.

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