California Recall just another Trump failure

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Donald Trump had his fingers all over this recall vote. From Elder being a Trump clone to publically supporting Elder, Trump put his brand on this recall vote. Like everything Trump touches, it was a massive failure. There goes $300 million the tax payers will never get back.
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  2. charley

    charley Active Member

    When does CA. start solving the homeless crisis and lowering the cost of housing and lowering the highest poverty rate in the Nation, Little Joe, not that all the silly drama is over for the moment?

    Trumpterbate and get back to me.

    Worry about the actual problems, not the political BS, Little Joe. It may help you appreciate our Federal Republic.

    Truth in editing: removed an "r' from "little". Otherwise, Little Joe would be looking up the word all night on Wiki, and then he would still be wrong.
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  3. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Well-Known Member

    it looks like Biden's approval rating are starting climb back up too

    good news
  4. clembo

    clembo Well-Known Member

    Is all Chuckles ever does.

  5. charley

    charley Active Member

    Where is the Reddit Army, General?
  6. ddddd

    ddddd Active Member

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  7. yakpoo

    yakpoo Well-Known Member

  8. toughcoins

    toughcoins Rarely is the liberal viewpoint tainted by realism

    It doesn't surprise me . . . like, y'know . . . Cali's probably 75% gum-snapping liberals, fer sure.
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  9. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Well-Known Member

    Biden is at 46 percent. Donnie the clown NEVER got above 50 percent.

  10. yakpoo

    yakpoo Well-Known Member

    You forget that 50% of that 46% are communists...(such as yourself).
  11. charley

    charley Active Member

    My God, another chart posted by...yet again...another child that does not know how to interpret charts.
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  12. toughcoins

    toughcoins Rarely is the liberal viewpoint tainted by realism

    All that plot indicates is that Biden supporters are slow learners.
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  13. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

    Says the Fascist. Perhaps you could espouse all that you love about Fascism for the rest of us. I mean really put your heart into it. Let's hear you sing the praises of authoritarian fascists around the world and in your own party.
  14. charley

    charley Active Member

    Oh My, Little Joe....restarting the old Stalin Communism vs. Fascism knock down beatemup blahblah.

    I just realized, you were named after Uncle Joe, weren't you? Do you still wear the cute little Stalin uniform that came with your childhood Stalin Marxist cap gun set? The one that was the Special Edition with Mustache included?

    They are worth a lot on eBay.
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