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    I know nothing of the man other than he is quite wealthy and was the mayor of New York. I am hoping he may be somewhat moderate if he was a successful businessman. Thing is, I do not know. Last thing I think the democratic party could use right now is another avowed uber-left candidate. Does the man posses any character? Anyone know anything of him?
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    Bloomberg is what you might call a “nannie state” politician. When he was mayor of New York City, he thought that he could legislate good or healthful behavior. He had the sale of very large soft drinks banned. He tried to ban the use of salt because he thinks it’s bad for you.

    He has been very vocal in the gun control and climate change debates. He has taken the far left position on both of those issues.

    He instituted a “stop and frisk” policy which seemed to target young minority males. The idea was for the police to disarm gang members who were packing. Some called it “profiling.” Other moderates (on some issues), like Geraldo Rivera, said that it cut down on crime. After saying that he would not apologize for his past positions, Bloomberg apologized to the Black community for his “stop and frisk” policy.

    As mayor Bloomberg had the city constitution changed to allow him to run for a third term. He was to have been term limited after the second one. Bloomberg, at one time or another, has been a Republican, a Democrat and then an Independent. Now he’s a Democrat again. Word has it that he bankrolled some Democrats in 2018 which helped to flip the House. His net worth is reported to be $58 billion. The claim is that he is going to invest about $200 million of his own money into his presidential campaign.

    He runs a huge news organization that is going help his campaign. Several of the writers have been assigned to work for him full time. He has pledged not to print any more negative stories about the other Democratic candidates, but that his organization will continue to go after Trump.

    Some have commented that Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax got him into the race. He would be one of her prime targets. It’s been said that there are a little over 600 billionaires in the U.S., and according the Internet, he is ninth richest among them.

    I don’t view him as a “moderate.” He is too heavy handing with his government policies for my tastes, but to the extent that he is out to defend the very rich members of the establishment, you can say that he is less far left than Sanders and Warren.
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    Thanks, John. That painted a pretty clear picture. I appreciate it.

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