Big Bang Theory or Big Oops Theory?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Toad, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Toad

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    Howdy peeps, :)

    I just wanted to point out a tiny detrimental mathematical error in the Big Bang Theory.

    You cannot create the Infinite from Nothing with an Explosion, that would require an Infinite squared explosion and that defies Physics.

    Georg Cantor proved there are Infinite degrees of Infinite, which dictates that in every Number Range, there are Infinite degrees of that number, so from 0 to 1 there are Infinite degrees of One and so on, so if an Infinite explosion went down from Zero, the end result would be One at the greatest, not Infinite, however, in an Infinite Explosion, the system will never reach One, it will only be going to One forever, never reaching it. Always the bridesmaid never the bride. ;)

    The way Infinite is created is by the collapse of finite beyond finite, then finite flips and Infinite is instantly born/formed. Also, Closed Systems always Collapse, they never Explode! Whoever thinks a Closed System can explode, they don't understand the physics of a Closed System and the entropy therein.

    Ribbit :)
  2. JoeNation

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    Well, I have my own wildly speculative theory on that issue. It has to do with expanding dimensions. It's hard to really create a mental picture of what I am talking about but imagine infinite dimensions all expanding but distinct from each other. In between each of these dimensions is nothing, a black void if you will, empty space. As these dimensions expand there are singularities or weak points, perhaps black holes that cause them to leak into the emptiness and create an entirely new expanding dimension that would to appear to spring out of nowhere or nothing at a single point in space...In other words, a big bang. This would mean that all dimensions are expanding infinitely and creating new dimensions distinct from each other but connected by tiny points or pin holes. Or not! :eek:
  3. L'Emmerdeur

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  4. Toad

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    What you're describing sounds more like all of the Universes stacked on top of one another, Itradimensionally and Interdimensionally, all the way back to SourCe Absolute Zero.

    SourCe Absolute Zero is a Tri-versal System and Original SourCe Time, whereas We are a Bi-versal System and although this System now makes its own Time, our Time originally SourCes from whatever Universe We birthed from but all Time SourCes back to SourCe Absolute Zero. ;)

    Ribbit :)
  5. Toad

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    The last part of that quote sounds more like how this place was after Earth collided with Mars the 2nd time, a few hundred million years ago. :p

    Ribbit :)
  6. JoeNation

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    It was Mars' fault. He didn't use his turn signal and came right at the earth.
  7. Toad

    Toad New Member

    Actually, it was the little fault. He was trying to sneek over to Venus to catch a little afternoon delight and Mother Earth got in the way. She nudged him the first time but he didn't listen.

    Needless to say, it's toadily understandable why Venus is pee'd at Mars, since in the 2nd collision, the Moon was born, making Mars the father, but Venus & Mars are mates, Earth is their Mother.

    So every time you look up at the Moon, know you are looking at the incestual child of Earth & Mars and Venus saw the whole thing, making Earth the first MILF in our solar system, even though Mercury is actually Earth's first child but Triton is the father of that moon. ;)

    Ribbit :cool:

    Ps: Speaking of MILF's, can anyone explain why Daddy Bush & Little Georgie both had Margaret Thatcher #1 on their MILF list? :confused:

    And don't even get me talking about Bill! :D
  8. Daniel Jones

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    Regardless of how existence functions, and whether or not it emerged from a singularity, it still perplexes me that there is an existence along with any of our experiences to begin with. That said, existence i.e. motion, mass, and volume is a continuum. Therefore, motion, mass, and volume begets itself, adinfinitum-no beginning, no end, and no emergence from a quantum point smaller than an atom, either.

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