Anti-vaxxer arrested after threatening to 'beat, kill and lynch' Dr. Fauci: report

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    A Maryland man has been arrested for making a series of violent threats against Dr. Anthony Fauci, reports NBC 4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane.

    According to MacFarlane, investigators say that the man slammed the promotion of vaccines and threatened to "beat, kill and lynch" Fauci.

    MacFarlane also included an email that the man sent to Fauci in which he made conspiratorial allusions to freemasons.

    "You are a lying sack of sh*t, all the way back to your bullsh*t HIV scam," one email wrote. "You are a sickening, compromised satanic freemason criminal."

    The email went on to tell Fauci that "I hope you get a rope around your vile elf neck and a bullet in your disgusting elf face tonight."

    The message also said he hoped Fauci got his skull bashed in with a baseball bat.

    Fauci and his family have been given a 24-hour security detail over the last year after former President Donald Trump and his supporters regularly targeted him for his recommendations on combating the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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