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Discussion in 'Chatter' started by PTD, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. PTD

    PTD Administrator Moderator

    Howdy Folks,
    So, a few days ago our dear friend Steve (De Orc) told me that he needs less stress in his life. Now, as far as I know moderating this place is the biggest source of stress for him, so the obvious thing is for him to step down. I think we all owe Steve a round of applause for sticking with it for so long!

    Our new friend, GhostX, has graciously offered his assistance to pick up where Steve has left off. I'm not sure what the future holds for this site, but I hope that it will continue to be an outlet for my friends from Coin Talk to blow off steam and discuss important (or not important) issues of the day.

  2. GhostX

    GhostX Moderator Moderator

    Very pleasing site none-the-less and I hope I'm very useful around here when need be. :)
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  3. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Well-Known Member

    Good luck! I hope you know what you are in for.
  4. GhostX

    GhostX Moderator Moderator

    I'm looking forward to it. :)
  5. CoinOKC

    CoinOKC Donald Trump For President In 2020

    Thanks to Steve for putting up with some of the lunacy for so long. Welcome to the new Moderator, GhostX. Tell us about yourself, GhostX.
  6. GhostX

    GhostX Moderator Moderator

    Well, there's a lot to tell.

    My whole life is a story book, battled cancer back in 2012.
  7. CoinOKC

    CoinOKC Donald Trump For President In 2020

    I'm sorry to hear about the cancer. Hope you're doing well now.
  8. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Well-Known Member

    Been there and done that. It will have been5 year the end of this month. My wife just made 5 year so you figure out what 2009 was like. And my wife was hospitalized twice more just for good measure.
  9. GhostX

    GhostX Moderator Moderator

    I'm got pictures of my chest from the doctors the removed a chicken nugget size lymph node from my chest wall.

    Mind the nipple shot. [​IMG]
  10. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Well-Known Member

    I was not is shape to worry about pictures. They took half a lung and then gave me a UTI. That gave me sepsis. That gave me pneumonia. They let me out after 23 days later. I pretty much recovered from that in 2012, but it left me with COPD.
  11. GhostX

    GhostX Moderator Moderator

    I was out the next day from that, my brother has COPD really bad.
  12. Recusant

    Recusant Member

    Hello, GhostX. :)


    Thank you to De Orc for the work that you've done. :cool:
  13. JoeNation

    JoeNation Patron Saint of Idiots

  14. GhostX

    GhostX Moderator Moderator

    Hello, Recusant and JoeNation.
  15. De Orc

    De Orc Well-Known Member

    Not quite gone just yet but I do need to slow things down somewhat, as some of you already know I have Fybromylagia, diabetes and now it looks like I might be in the first stages of either Parkinsons or something called Essential tremors (the quacks cant quite decide LOL) I am finding things rather hard work at the moment including simple things such as typing and remembering words. This is why I am taking a step back :)
  16. CoinOKC

    CoinOKC Donald Trump For President In 2020

    Best wishes to you, Steve. I hope things get better for you. You were always a fair Moderator and I certainly understand your wanting less stress in your life.
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  17. De Orc

    De Orc Well-Known Member

    Appreciated :)
  18. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    Take care, Steve.

    P.S. Don't go back to Portugal. They're still pretty angry about your last "beaching" incident. It's the smell of spam. It lingers, still.

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  19. clembo

    clembo Well-Known Member

    To DeOrc.
    Good job as I sure wouldn't volunteer for it.

    Hell. GREAT JOB!!!

    To GhostX.
    Good luck.

    It's yours to try to figure out now.
  20. Stujoe

    Stujoe Well-Known Member

    One again Clembo has said what I was going to say before I said it. ;)

    Thanks Steve, Good Luck Ghostx.

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