A Bi-Partisan Critique

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mopar Dude, May 22, 2020.

  1. Mopar Dude

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    I frequently maintain that I am not a fan of much of what comes out of Mr. Trumps mouth and I have heard many of my of my conservative minded compatriots here echo a similar sentiment. Similarly with his frequent usage of Twitter. In other words, we acknowledge what we perceive to be the mans weaknesses while continuing to support his title and office.

    My question to the more liberal posters is do you critique your democratic leaders in the same way. Ms. Pelosi sends chills down my back when she speaks. I truly wonder if she is in complete control of her faculties these days. She was once a powerful and effective leader, but she now lends the appearance of a caricature of her former self...... When Mrs. Clinton was running for our high office she frequently projected a vile and viscerally angry message. I witnessed that first hand myself. There are other examples, but I think you get the idea.

    As a democrat do you have the capacity to be genuinely critical of your party's leaders? Not a trick question at all. I have drawn a preliminary conclusion in my mind that those that lean more left will protect the utterances of their leadership at all costs. So that is my question. Are democratic leaders capable of being fallible in your minds?
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    I may not be as helpful here since I don't self-describe as a Democrat, but given the limited options of a 2 party system, I vote for them almost exclusively.

    I have plenty of criticism for them. Obama's administration arguably committed some atrocities with the expansion of the drone program, Sanders won't consider nuclear power, I despise Bloomberg (please take him back!).

    It'll change soon, but we hear a lot of news about the folly and criticism of Republicans right now simply because they've been in full or near full control of the federal government for years. It's tough to criticize the Dems when they are hardly allowed to get a bill passed. I genuinely hope we get our chance to criticize them soon!
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  3. JoeNation

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    I was never a Biden fan. I think he was moderately OK in his prime but those days are long past. He makes a few verbal gaffs that a more polished, perhaps younger, Joe Biden would probably not have made. He is far more corporate than I like my Democrats. I can think of several other primary candidates that I would rather have seen get the nomination. I trust that he'll be a one-term president and that he will pick adults for his administration that will not hand the government over to the wealthy. But then again, it really doesn't matter if a corporate Democrat or any Republican wins, corporations will always have a prime seat at the table.

    If I had my druthers, I'd like to see someone on par with the likes of Justin Trudeau of Canada or Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand. Some with vision and leadership, not just someone that can afford to run for office.

    Honestly, other than not liking Trump's tweets or his brain-dead comments during briefings, I see very little criticism and absolutely no honest critique of the Trump Administration by any Republicans here. The most any of them will do is wish that Trump would stop giving Democrats so much ammunition to work with. Trump has a long, long, history of corruption and cavorting with shady people and he isn't any different today than he has been his entire life. The only difference now is that he has legions of Republicans defending everything he does.
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  4. Andrew Jackson

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    While I agree with your overall point, I have to disagree with a small detail- people like Pelosi, Clinton, Feinstein, etc. were already nasty people, even in prior years. I remember seeing the "First Lady" on TV as a child, and Madame Clinton was repulsive to me even then. And, the other day, I was just thinking how political rat Diane Feinstein enabled my home state to degrade into a third world environment. She's been pretty cozy though- holding a senate seat for almost 30 years (longer than I've been around), and I feel ashamed to have voted for her (not that I had much choice). Despite myself being a left-winger, it's pretty easy to criticize Democrats when you have a firsthand encounter of their activities, and an eyewitness view of how they're taking money out of your pocket, and ruining the state you reside in. In California, they began delivering drugs and alcohol to homeless in quarantine. (So THAT'S where my tax dollars go!).

    Haha. Really, Joe? Justin Trudeau? That man is a cringefest in every public appearance. He's not a leader, he looks and acts like a busboy at a restaurant. I don't like a number of politicians, but it would be nice to see someone capable of holding office- not someone who is unable to make firm choices, or deliver strong ultimatums.
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  5. toughcoins

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    Really Joe? . . . I think the only difference I see is that he has legions of Democrats making him look comparatively angelic.
  6. JohnHamilton

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    Oh, you have a choice. When I was living in Massachusetts, the Democrats, who ran for the House of Representatives often ran unopposed. I simply refused to mark the ballot for the one candidate. The news media never reported the vote totals which compared the number of people who voted with the number who voted for that Congressman. It might have been interesting.

    That Congressman didn't do a thing for his district. My local post office was never open on Saturday and closed at 4:30 in the afternoon. If you had job, you could never go to the post office when it was open. If I had something like Registered Mail, for which I had sign a form to receive it, I had to ask to leave work early to get it. Finally, I rented a post office box in Boston and had most of my mail delivered there.

    Finally, that Bozo announced that he was leaving his safe seat in Congress because he wanted to spent more time with his wife and kids. Good Riddance!!!

    The stinker ran for Governor of Massachusetts and came in last, in a field of four candidates, in the primary. It was what he deserved.
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  7. Andrew Jackson

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    I meant that I’d rather have a known evil that a newcomer who could turn out to be FAR worse.

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